Twilight Investigation – 囧探查過界

Twilight Investigation - 囧探查過界 - Episode 01
Can't Buy Me Love - 公主嫁到

Twilight-Investigation-2010-300x225Description: The former police officers Yip Kwok Cheung (Bill Chan) has set up a private detective agencies, members of the team have both their own strengths, and Gei On Gui(Wong He) is the most important member. With careful thought and sharp deconstruction of dialysis. The team have detect lots of crime.
Because of investigating an adultery case, On Gui is acquainted with the nameless teen-model, Chung Yee Tuk (Linda Chung).   Yee Tuk was born in an incomplete family, and is withdrawn. This makes   her frustrated in both love and work. Once Yee Tuk was drunk and cause a   car accident, she nearly die. It makes her want to find her separated   mother so she found On Gui to help her. On Gui is sympathize with Yee   Tuk and try his best to find Yee Tuk’s mother, but during the   investigation, he discover a secret of Yee Tuk’s mother that even Yee   tuk haven’t know……
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 29 November 2010
Cast: Wong He, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong, Bill Chan, Lai Lok-yi, Leung Ka-ki, Johnson Lee
Genre: TV Series, Mystery

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