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  • The Way We Were (Cantonese) – 16個夏天

    The Way We Were (Cantonese) – 16個夏天

    Description: While in college, Jia-Ni Tang (Ruby Lin) falls in love with her schoolmate(also neighborhood) Wei-De Fang (Weber Yang) after she agrees with Wei-De’s idea of an eye for an eye, when she catches her boyfriend cheating with another girl. However, broader events intervene in their romance: during the historic 921 earthquake in Taiwan, Jia Ni’s friend Jun-Jie Wang (Melvin Sia) becomes crippled in one leg. Out of obligation and compassion, Jia-Ni decides to marry Jun-Jie. When Jia Ni and […]

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  • Bromance (Cantonese) – 愛上哥們

    Bromance (Cantonese) – 愛上哥們

    Description: Pi Ya Nuo (Megan Lai) had an inauspicious start to her life, and awaits her 26th birthday. When she was born 25 years ago, her parents and extended family and their fortune teller, eagerly awaited her arrival in the delivery room so that they could bless the beginning of the Pi family’s heir. Upon hearing her first cry, the fortune teller predicted on the spot that the baby boy would grow up to be a great success and a natural-born […]

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  • Marry Me, or Not? (Cantonese) – 必娶女人

    Marry Me, or Not? (Cantonese) – 必娶女人

    Description: Opposites attract, but can a lasting relationship survive between two very different people? Cai Huan Zhen (Alice Ke) works in the tourism industry and is a top performer at her job. She is a meticulous planner and plans out every detail of her professional and personal life. She is a romantic and strives to find true love in every relationship. On the other hand, Hao Meng (Roy Chiu) is a successful lawyer who specializes in helping his clients through messy […]

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  • Love Myself or You? (Cantonese) – 喜歡‧一個人

    Love Myself or You? (Cantonese) – 喜歡‧一個人

    Description: The once cheerful and happy Du Kai Qi has grown up to be a cold, fierce and isolated person due to her harsh upbringing. Her father is a money asking, alcoholic and abusive person. Even though both of her parents have been separated for many years, her father still harasses and abuses her mother for money. With so many difficulties in her life, it has made her liked to be left alone. Kai Qi works as an assistant chef at […]

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  • Miss No Good (Cantonese) – 不良笑花

    Miss No Good (Cantonese) – 不良笑花

    Description: Xiaohua (Rainie Yang) is a bubbly girl with her own unique sense of style, and has no intention of changing the way on how she looks and dresses until the return of her elementary school classmate, Jia Sile (Dean Fujioka), convinces her otherwise. Jia Sile is deeply in love with Xiaohua, because of their history. He then does whatever he can to get Xiaohua to be his girlfriend, despite coming back to Taiwan for an arranged marriage with Jiang Mi […]

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  • Love Around (Cantonese) – 真愛黑白配

    Love Around (Cantonese) – 真愛黑白配

    Description: Two individuals with opposite family backgrounds, she is the daughter of a former Chief of Police and he is the son of a former triad boss, become friends when both have just been dumped by their significant others. They use their heartbreak to console each other but soon their friendship turns to love, but their love may not survive when she publicly offends a man she doesn’t know is his father. 周震(胡宇威飾)是一個文質彬彬、善良正直的男生,父親周大寬(檢場飾)曾是黑道大佬,如今已金盆洗手。周震對交往多年的女友癡心一片,沒想到女友卻因其「黑道出身」的身分而提出分手。周震傷心失意之際,遇上了梁小舒(陳庭妮飾)。 小舒是個電台DJ,性格樂天爽直,父親梁一磊(張復健飾)是一名退休警察。在其薰陶下,小舒為人極富正義感,時常替人打抱不平,可是面對感情事卻十分畏縮。一天,小舒滿心歡喜為男友製造生日驚喜,怎料他竟另結新歡而把小舒狠狠拋棄。周震碰巧在場,立即上前幫小舒解圍。於是,同病相憐的二人相遇了。其後二人互相鼓勵和支持,漸漸走出失戀的陰霾,並在不知不覺間喜歡上對方。然而,出身「黑白兩道」的二人,感情發展會遇上甚麼挑戰? Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan Release Date: 31 December […]

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  • Light up My Life (Cantonese) – 你照亮我星球

    Light up My Life (Cantonese) – 你照亮我星球

    Description: A pair of A-list couple, whose romance was played out in the public eye and gossiped in the tabloids, are tired of their make believe glamorous lives. Their happy superstar facade begins to crack when one of them decides to do something about it. 魅力十足的男演員劉城偉(鄭元暢飾)與童星出身的著名女演員章曼玲(張鈞甯飾)已合作多部電影、電視劇,其螢幕情侶形象深受觀眾喜愛,亦因此成為賣座的保證。二人私底下亦一如在螢幕前般出雙入對,成為演藝圈公認的金童玉女。然而二人在七年內經歷無數電影、電視劇內的甜蜜故事,城偉開始懷疑自己,厭倦自己的工作,更分不清與曼玲的感情是戲內,還是戲外,城偉因此患上抑鬱症! 城偉在一次記者會上突然公開宣佈終止與曼玲的螢幕情侶關係。城偉此舉令單純地深愛著他的曼玲大感錯愕及傷心,曼玲為了挽救這段感情,不惜跟蹤城偉,竟發現城偉有一個秘密情人…… 城偉與曼玲這對金童玉女,戲裡戲外完全拆夥,展開截然不同的人生。城偉竟偶遇一位與自己心目中女神幾乎一模一樣的幕後工作人員袁怡芳(孟耿如飾),怡芳的單純、坦誠、關懷,令城偉深受感動,緊繃的情緒亦得以舒緩;而曼玲先後邂逅創意無限的導演Ken(溫昇豪飾),和千方百計接近她的忠實影迷吳春生(邱昊奇飾),兩位性格南轅北轍的男士,給她帶來嶄新的啟發,從而認識真正的自己,然而城偉似乎仍佔據曼玲心底深處一個角落…… 就在此時,城偉與曼玲卻要履行早已簽訂的合約,演出情侶生活「真人騷」,過程中,兩人仿如回到初相識時。二人重新相處,回憶段段湧現,到底這對昔日的銀壇金童玉女情歸何處? Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan Release Date: 18 November 2015 Director: Qu You Ning Cast: 邱昊奇, 孟耿如, 張鈞甯, 鄭元暢 Genre: Romance Light up My Life (Cantonese) – 你照亮我星球 – Episode 31 Light up My Life (Cantonese) – […]

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  • Spring Love (Cantonese) – 美人龍湯

    Spring Love (Cantonese) – 美人龍湯

    Description: After his mother’s death, Long Tai (Mike He) returns to Taiwan in search for his long lost father and twin brother. When people mistake him for his brother, who has left the country, he perpetuates the mistake; the change does not go unnoticed by his brother’s foe, Zhao Ren Hu (Nylon Chen), who has planned on defeating Long Tian He (Mike He). In a festival competition, Zhao tries to take over Long’s hot spring, but is defeated by Long Tai: […]

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  • Chocolat (Cantonese) – 流氓蛋糕店

    Chocolat (Cantonese) – 流氓蛋糕店

    Description: 秦是吾(藍正龍飾)是一名黑幫分子,5年半前為替老大麥松奇(馬如龍飾)報仇而被捕入獄,出獄後回歸所屬幫派「血聯幫」,打算重出江湖時,卻發現血聯幫總部竟變成了一間蛋糕店。原來松奇為了完成戀人瑪亞(長澤正美飾)的遺願,數月前決定解散血聯幫,金盆洗手開蛋糕店。此時,瑪亞跟丈夫所生的女兒辰巳千惠(長澤正美分飾),為了避債而從日本來到台灣,投靠跟瑪亞生前一起私奔的松奇。就這樣,昔日叱吒江湖的是吾,被迫學習做蛋糕和經營蛋糕店生意,跟千惠和一班「兄弟」在蛋糕店展開了熱鬧的生活。 Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan Release Date: 2015 Director: Wang Ming Tai, Hao Xin Xiang Genre: Drama Chocolat (Cantonese) – 流氓蛋糕店 – Episode 15 Chocolat (Cantonese) – 流氓蛋糕店 – Episode 14 Chocolat (Cantonese) – 流氓蛋糕店 – Episode 13 Chocolat (Cantonese) – 流氓蛋糕店 – Episode 12 Chocolat (Cantonese) – 流氓蛋糕店 – Episode 11 Chocolat (Cantonese) – 流氓蛋糕店 – Episode 10 Chocolat (Cantonese) – 流氓蛋糕店 – Episode 09 Chocolat (Cantonese) – 流氓蛋糕店 – Episode 08 Chocolat (Cantonese) – 流氓蛋糕店 – Episode 07 Chocolat […]

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  • Deja Vu (Cantonese) – 回到愛以前

    Deja Vu (Cantonese) – 回到愛以前

    Description: 天賦芭蕾舞潛質的徐海琳(魏蔓飾),參加完國際芭蕾女伶徵選後,遇上會場隔鄰的展覽會失火,海琳碰巧救出了主辦展覽會的陸氏集團未來繼承人陸希唯(姚元浩飾)。希唯對救命恩人海琳好感頓生,展開追求,兩人順理成章成為戀人,而海琳也獲選為國際芭蕾女伶。 五年後,海琳回台灣巡迴演出,在接受記者訪問時暈倒發現懷孕,希唯誠心求婚,海琳欣然接受,並將孩子取名為Bliss,寓意天堂來的祝福。正當二人沉醉在幸福中,厄運卻悄悄降臨

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  • Office Girls (Cantonese) – 小資女孩向前衝

    Office Girls (Cantonese) – 小資女孩向前衝

    Description: Sheng Xin Ren (Alice Ke) is a staff member in the Sales Department of Jing Shi Department Store. At age 25, she has worked there for four years. She is tasked with training and mentoring Qin Zi Qi (Roy Chiu), 28, a new entry-level member of the Sales Department. Unbeknownst to her and almost everyone else there, Zi Qi is the son of Qin Mu Bai (Shen Meng Sheng/沈孟生), the Chairman of Jing Shi Department Store. Zi Qi’s father has […]

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  • A Hint Of You (Cantonese) – 美味的想念

    A Hint Of You (Cantonese) – 美味的想念

    Description: 傅在宇(張勛傑飾)是頂級鐵板燒集團Hana的少東,也是Hana旗艦店的料理長;夏青柚(李千娜飾)則是攏一百熱炒店的主廚。他們的生活軌跡本應沒有連接點,但在宇一次走進青柚的熱炒店吃宵夜,卻把青柚的菜式批評得一文不值,兩人的初次相遇,就在舌劍唇槍下結束。

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  • Bon Appetit (Cantonese) – 謝謝款待

    Bon Appetit (Cantonese) – 謝謝款待

    Description: 所謂「民以食為天」,食,是人類賴以生存的條件。要追求生活質素,除了要吃,亦要懂得吃。生於經營法式西餐廳家庭的卯野芽以子(杏飾),或許是民以食為天的佼佼者。 芽以子的父親卯野大五(原田泰造飾),立志把正宗法國菜帶到日本,與妻子在東京開辦「開明軒」。家中有一溺愛女兒的大廚爸爸,養成芽以子愛吃懶做、五穀不分的性格。饞嘴的芽以子,除了會奪去弟弟卯野照生(井之脇海飾)手上的食物外,更會偷偷吃掉擺放在寺廟供奉的祭品,可說是為了吃,芽以子會無所不用其極。

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  • Thorn Of Alice (Cantonese) – 愛麗絲的刺

    Thorn Of Alice (Cantonese) – 愛麗絲的刺

    Description: 十五年前,水野明日美(上野樹里飾)的醫生父親孝夫(真島秀和飾),因為捲入一件醫療事故而死亡,媒體甚至誣衊其父挪用醫院資金!明日美決定要找出父親死亡背後的真相,究竟是單純的醫療疏失還是人為意外? 兩張完全不同的手術紀錄,將真兇的矛頭直指醫院內的惡質醫生,於是明日美為了報仇而當上醫生,甚至潛入了父親之前就任的私立醫院就任。她在醫院中遇到了將病患視為實驗對象的醫生伊達理沙(藤原紀香飾)、謊話連篇的護士長蛭子雅人(六平直政飾),還有在醫院裡握有龐大權力的外科教授磐台修一(岩城滉一飾)等人,究竟他們當中哪一個才是父親死亡背後的真正幕後黑手? 明日美不惜一切,誓要讓這一班只顧利益而罔顧病患性命的人付上代價!明日美為了得到更多資料,竟利用磐台教授兒子悠真(中村蒼飾)的感情,傾慕悠真的星野美羽(栗山千明飾)看不過眼,決定要插手明日美的計劃!在復仇的同時,明日美重遇熟知她過去的記者西門優介(小田切讓飾),這樣一來,她的復仇計劃會出現甚麼變數? Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan Release Date: 03 Jan 2015 Thorn Of Alice (Cantonese) – 愛麗絲的刺 – Episode 10 Thorn Of Alice (Cantonese) – 愛麗絲的刺 – Episode 09 Thorn Of Alice (Cantonese) – 愛麗絲的刺 – Episode 08 Thorn Of Alice (Cantonese) – 愛麗絲的刺 – Episode 07 Thorn Of Alice (Cantonese) – 愛麗絲的刺 – Episode 06 Thorn Of Alice (Cantonese) – 愛麗絲的刺 – Episode 05 Thorn Of Alice (Cantonese) – 愛麗絲的刺 – Episode 04 Thorn Of Alice (Cantonese) – 愛麗絲的刺 […]

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  • Beijing Love Story (Cantonese) – 北京愛情故事

    Beijing Love Story (Cantonese) – 北京愛情故事

    Description: 程鋒(陳思成飾)、吳狄(李晨飾)和石小猛(張譯飾)是要好的大學同學,程鋒是富二代;吳狄是一名銷售員,經常因應酬而喝酒;石小猛出生在雲南一個鄉村,一心想在大城市扎根。他們各自懷着自己的理想在北京這個大城市奮鬥,追尋自己的事業及愛情。他們偶遇四位不同性格的女孩,繼而陷入千絲萬縷的感情瓜葛,到底他們各人最終能否事業有成,並於感情路上開花結果呢? Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan Release Date: 15 December 2014 (J2 Channel) Cast: Chen Sicheng , Li Chen , Yang Mi , Tong Li Ya , Zhang Xin Yi , Zhang J, Monica Mok Beijing Love Story (Cantonese) – 北京愛情故事 – Episode 39 Beijing Love Story (Cantonese) – 北京愛情故事 – Episode 38 Beijing Love Story (Cantonese) – 北京愛情故事 – Episode 37 Beijing Love Story (Cantonese) – 北京愛情故事 – Episode 36 Beijing Love Story (Cantonese) – 北京愛情故事 – Episode 35 Beijing Love Story (Cantonese) […]

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  • Happy Noodle (Cantonese) – 幸福的麵條

    Happy Noodle (Cantonese) – 幸福的麵條

    Description: 中國劍擊選手張林(高曙光飾)與韓國廚師恩英相識、相愛,並以張林的獎牌作為信物,相約兩年後再續前緣。誰知到了約定期限,張林卻因車禍失約,恩英唯有獨自撫養兩人的兒子湖水。恩英以經營小麵館為生,除了湖水,她還要照顧好友吳潤美(王思懿飾)的兒子湖真。 數年後,恩英不幸因癌病去世,臨終前囑託潤美帶湖水去中國找張林。潤美卻心生一計,帶湖真前往中國,訛稱湖真是張林與恩英的孩子,其後她更嫁給張林,晉升上流社會,成為闊太。湖真從此改名為張健(張峻寧飾),集張家上下寵愛於一身,久而久之,養成了驕縱自大的性格,而他同時也練得高超的麵條烹飪技藝。湖水則被留在韓國的孤兒院,並改名為姜秀(尹施允飾)。秀燦秉承母親做麵條的手藝,並因此深受孤兒院院長及同伴的喜愛。 秀燦長大後離開韓國去中國杭州尋找父親,並在張林的麵館中遇上昔日的好兄弟張健,以及他的「真命天女」──麵館的副董事長助理朱玲玲(李菲兒飾)。張健與潤美得知秀燦真正身份後,恐當年掉包之計被拆穿,失去如今擁有的一切,故對秀燦重重計算,阻止他與張林父子相認…… Language: Cantonese Country:  China Release Date: 04 December 2014 (J2 Channel) Genre: Romance, Comedy Happy Noodle (Cantonese) – 幸福的麵條 – Episode 40 Happy Noodle (Cantonese) – 幸福的麵條 – Episode 39 Happy Noodle (Cantonese) – 幸福的麵條 – Episode 38 Happy Noodle (Cantonese) – 幸福的麵條 – Episode 37 Happy Noodle (Cantonese) – 幸福的麵條 – Episode 36 Happy Noodle (Cantonese) – 幸福的麵條 – Episode 35 Happy Noodle (Cantonese) – 幸福的麵條 – Episode 34 Happy Noodle (Cantonese) – 幸福的麵條 – Episode 33 Happy […]

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  • Fabulous 30 (Cantonese) – 女人30

    Fabulous 30 (Cantonese) – 女人30

    Description: What do women in their 30s want? They don’t want to make compromises in their lives. When they hit bumps in the road on their way to happiness, they want their closest friends beside them. When Wen Qi (Hong Xiao Ling) decides to end her failure of a marriage, she takes her two best friends, Zhi Qin (Albee Huang) and Wan Ting (Li Wei Wei), on a getaway to Macau to help her lick her wounds. There, they run into […]

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  • Fabulous Boys (Cantonese) – 原來是美男

    Fabulous Boys (Cantonese) – 原來是美男

    Description: 實習修女高美女(程予希飾)打算前往羅馬修道院,學習成為正式修女,突然殺出了人氣偶像組合A.N.JELL的經理人馬克,原來美女的雙胞胎哥哥高美男, 被挑選成為A.N.JELL的新成員,卻因手術事故,無法如期進行簽約儀式。馬克苦苦哀求,美女決定女扮男裝,假扮成雙胞胎哥哥加入A.N.JELL,直 至美男回來為止。美女亦希望藉着這個機會,可以完成心底一個未有遺忘過的心願…… A.N.JELL的團長黃泰京(汪東城飾),高傲挑剔,原本反對美女的加入,但聽過她如天籟般的歌聲後,決定破例接納這個新成員。以「高美男」的身份加入 A.N.JELL的美女,搬進團員的宿舍後不斷惹出麻煩,先是在酒醉後不小心與泰京來了個意外之吻,為向泰京道歉卻又差點燒了泰京的房間,甚至還連累泰京 入院,連A.N.JELL的粉絲對這位新團員也充滿着不滿的情緒。然而美女天真爛漫個性,卻令A.N.JELL的姜新禹(黃仁德飾)和Jeremy(蔡旻 佑飾)慢慢接納了她。 可是,美女女性身份很快就被新禹識破。在美女一次不小心的變裝下,泰京也發現了美女的身份秘密!但二人竟然沒有戳破她,反而處處奮力維護,在不知不覺中對美女產生了異樣情愫,就連Jeremy也在不知不覺間愛上了這位坦率的小妮子。 當美女漸漸適應A.N.JELL的生活時,泰京也開始對美女打開心窗,二人之間的愛情暗地萌芽。當紅藝人柳心凝無意中發現美男原來是由美女假扮,也得知了 泰京對美女的心意,於是對泰京早有好感的心凝屢次設計破壞,甚至要脅泰京與自己扮成情侶,不知就裡的美女看見泰京與心凝的親密舉動,暗自神傷。 一次,心凝以A.N.JELL的前途,逼迫美女向媒體公開自己的女性身份,就在高美男的音樂錄像試映會上,美女身穿女裝出現會場。正當她打算揭露自己的秘 密時,新禹及時出現擁着美女,並向現場記者表示懷中少女是自己的女友。雖然泰京感激新禹替美女解除危機,但也禁不住對新禹大起妒火,究竟新禹和泰京,哪位 才是美女最閃亮的星星? Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan Release Date: 05 October 2014 (J2 Channel) Cast: Jiro Wang, Cheng Yu Xi, Hwang In Deok, Evan Yo, Wang Si Ping, Chen Wei Min, Bao Wei Ming, Tian Li Genre: Romance, Comedy Fabulous Boys (Cantonese) – 原來是美男 – Episode 20 Fabulous Boys (Cantonese) – 原來是美男 – Episode 19 Fabulous Boys (Cantonese) – 原來是美男 – Episode 18 Fabulous Boys (Cantonese) – 原來是美男 – […]

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  • Vision看得见杀人的女人


    正停职反省的城南警察局刑事课巡查长浅野和马(金子统昭 饰),在和某欺诈团伙商谈购买犯罪照片时,偶然结识了神秘的模特女郎来栖玲奈(山田优 饰)。此后欺诈团伙成员遇害,和马围绕玲奈展开调查,却意外发现这个女孩似乎拥有一种被称为“Vision”的神奇超能力。通过Vision,玲奈可以看到凶案现场和发生全过程,并且随着使用频率的增加,Vision的能力也不断增强。以此为契机,和马与玲奈组成搭档,接受一桩桩疑点重重且扑朔迷离的凶杀案。在这一过程中,神秘的克莉丝汀以及玲奈那扑朔迷离的身世背景和充满谜题的过去相继浮出水面。 伴随着真相的浮现,危险纷至沓来… Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan Vision看得见杀人的女人 – Episode 02 Vision看得见杀人的女人 – Episode 01

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  • My Sassy Girl – 牽牛的夏天 (Cantonese)

    My Sassy Girl – 牽牛的夏天 (Cantonese)

    Description: 金牽牛是個忠實敦厚的平凡男生,大學畢業後來到上海投靠「好兄弟」馬英傑,希望在其公司找到設計網絡遊戲的工作,創一番事業,怎料陰差陽錯成為大明星童小夏的助理。其實牽牛與小夏在此之前,已結下不少「恩怨」。 早前牽牛在地鐵車廂巧遇醉酒的小夏,惹來一身麻煩;然後牽牛在前往上海的飛機上,又被小夏的惡作劇整蠱,導致腹瀉、狼狽不堪。牽牛屢遭野蠻霸道的小夏折磨,慘不忍睹,但由於這份工作是英傑所介紹,牽牛只好忍氣吞聲。 牽牛與小夏終日在吵吵鬧鬧中相處,逐漸冰釋前嫌,並互相喜歡上對方。可是當牽牛發現,小夏竟是英傑一直暗戀的對象時,頓時陷入愛情與友情兩難之中…… Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan Release Date: 26 September 2014 (J2 Channel) Director: Jeffrey Chiang Cast: Eddie Peng, Zhang Meng, Zhang Jun Ning, Feng Yuan Zhen, Chang Shih, Zhao Chu Lun, Han Li Genre: Romance, Comedy My Sassy Girl (Cantonese) – 牽牛的夏天 – Episode 28 My Sassy Girl (Cantonese) – 牽牛的夏天 – Episode 27 My Sassy Girl (Cantonese) – 牽牛的夏天 – Episode 26 My Sassy Girl (Cantonese) – 牽牛的夏天 – Episode 25 My Sassy Girl (Cantonese) – […]

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  • Big Red Riding Hood – 大紅帽與小野狼

    Big Red Riding Hood – 大紅帽與小野狼

    Description: A woman with strong sense of justice meets a man with questionable moral compass. Will the big red riding hood fall into the man’s trap? Or, will their meeting be the beginning of the little bad wolf’s life of misery? 從小失去父母的吳長鎂(楊謹華飾演),在鄰居大哥雷宇洛(黃騰浩飾演)的照顧下長大,並且向宇洛習得一身好武功,兩人一心想完成創辦武術館的夢想。但在一場意外中,雷宇洛為了救人而喪命,吳長鎂的心靈從此蒙上陰影,再也無法參加比賽… 幾年後的某天,長鎂突然與小學同學安德風(姚元浩飾演)重逢,回想起小時候二人的快樂開心時光,但不知怎麼了,這個從小結巴老實、長大自信狡辯的同學卻怪怪的?先是想設計陷害長鎂、後又窮追不捨說自己愛上了長鎂?長鎂不是故意想躲避,但宇洛大哥的身影卻一直印在腦海中… 對於安德風的幼稚行徑,長鎂卻反應異常的一點也不生氣,因為她體貼安德風從小爹不疼、娘不愛的成長歷程,他們倆懂得彼此心裡的傷痛和孤獨。德風尖酸刻薄的言論逗她發笑,無厘頭的佯裝拐騙也全是為了追求她,這樣的男人卻讓長鎂無法不心動… Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan Release Date: 18 September 2014 (HDJ Channel) Cast: Lin Adriene, Yao How, Yang Cheryl, Li Bryant, Huang Tender, Chen You Fang Big Red Riding Hood – 大紅帽與小野狼 – Episode 30 Big Red […]

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  • Fall in Love With Me (Cantonese) – 愛上兩個我

    Fall in Love With Me (Cantonese) – 愛上兩個我

    Description: After a series of meaningless ads, creative prodigy and Tian Ji Advertisement CEO Lu Tian Xing announces that he is going on hiatus until he rediscovers his inspiration. During his escape he unwittingly walks into the film set of a small advertisement company, OZ, and is reminded of the passion involved in commercial making. Tao Le Si is the boss of OZ, a collapsing company that her brother had left behind. One day she has a misfortunate encounter with […]

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