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  • Love Family (Cantonese) – 有愛一家人

    Love Family (Cantonese) – 有愛一家人

    Description: Rich heir Wan Sheng Ren has only 100 days to find a girl he briefly encountered when he was young that he calls “Little Angel” or else his parents will force him into an arranged marriage in order to inherit the family business. The problem with finding his “Little Angel” is he doesn’t know her name or remember how to go to the place where he first met her since he was only seven than. One day he sees on […]

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  • Rock Love Story (Cantonese) – 滾石愛情故事

    Rock Love Story (Cantonese) – 滾石愛情故事

    Description: 滾石愛情故事由十位編劇、十五位導演分別執導,將20首滾石唱片之經典情歌變成20個動人的滾石愛情故事。以滾石唱片十首經典歌曲如「小薇」、「愛我別走」與「如果有一天」等為故事取材,預計拍成浪漫的校園愛情劇。 Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan

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  • Three Exits to Love (Cantonese) – 幸福街第3號出口

    Three Exits to Love (Cantonese) – 幸福街第3號出口

    Description: Xin Lu experiences two different love relationships with two men. With her relationship with the rich man Xu Li Yang and Xia Xiao Hua who is devoted to her on the side and being considerate with her. From this she slowly learns what is real love and learns to pursue the life that she wants. 故事藉由楊心璐這個為了負擔家中債務而努力工作存錢的小資女孩,遇上夢想中的富家少爺徐立洋的愛情故事。探討在愛情、親情和金錢之間,究竟會面臨哪些問題。本劇主人楊心璐會在富家公子徐立洋和默默體貼付出的夏少華之間斡旋,藉由兩個男人的兩段戀情,漸漸學會甚麼是真愛,懂得追求自己想要的生活。 Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan

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  • Teacher Gangster (Cantonese) – 神仙·老師·狗

    Teacher Gangster (Cantonese) – 神仙·老師·狗

    Description: Meng Xiao Hu has a master degree in history, but all he wants to do is to take over the gang from his father. While he was out chasing his enemy, he accidentally killed a puppy. A god punishes him by having him teach in a high school and turning him into a dog whenever he gets a naughty thought. 孟小虎在黑幫打鬥後因好色暈倒,從此當他心術不正時就會被土地公懲罰變成小狗。一次機遇,小虎獲邀到貴族學校當歷史老師。每當小虎教完一段歷史,生活中就 會發生相似的趣味故事。演員藉歷史、孫子兵法、三國故事等等,克服現代人在日常生活所面對的難事。 Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan

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  • Behind Your Smile (Cantonese) – 閣浮士德的微笑

    Behind Your Smile (Cantonese) – 閣浮士德的微笑

    Description: Zhao Yiting lives a cold and meaningless life as he tries to pursue the only goal he knows: destroying the person, who took everything from him. As he lost his father because of Lin Man, he decides to take revenge on her. At the same time, Lin Man’s daughter Xinyu returns home to surprise her mother, but the woman has fled due to numerous charges against her. Xinyu is now destitute and has an angry mob after her, so […]

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  • Love Touch (Cantonese) – 我愛幸運七

    Love Touch (Cantonese) – 我愛幸運七

    Description: Liao Yong Qi has not one day of good luck in her life. If something can go wrong, it will go wrong on her. But when she bumped into the super lucky He Hao Ren, their luck switched places Casts: 辰亦儒、蔡黃汝、李相林、趙駿亞 Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan

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  • Prince of Wolf (Cantonese) – 狼王子

    Prince of Wolf (Cantonese) – 狼王子

    Description: Can a modern-day Tarzan return to the human world? When Du Zhe Ming (Derek Zhang) was a boy, he got lost while on vacation with his family. While he was wandering around in the deep woods, he accidentally saved a female wolf from harm. The Wolf King decides to take Zhe Ming into the wolf tribe. Living among the wolves, Zhe Ming learns to hunt and survive in the wild without forgetting his human traits. Mi Mi (Amber An) […]

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  • Life Plan A and B – 荼蘼

    Life Plan A and B – 荼蘼

    Description: 如薇和有彥的愛情很平凡。他們是可愛、向上、充滿希望!如薇某一天被公司調派上海,深深相愛的他們無法接受遠距戀愛,於是決定一起迎向那個未知的好機會。但,未來真的都能被我們一手掌控嗎?萬一人生的Schedule出現了意外,非要逼你在愛情和事業裡做一抉擇呢? Casts: 楊丞琳, 顏毓麟 Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan

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  • Next Heroes – 真的漢子

    Next Heroes – 真的漢子

    Description: 海翹(賴雅妍飾)出身富裕家庭,她在小時候遇上一場大地震,被困在瓦礫之中,幸得一名少年把她救了出來,海翹對這個少年留下極深刻的印象,希望終有一日可以再與他重逢。多年後,海翹從國外學成歸國,她不顧父親反對,毅然與妹妹海漢子(林可彤飾)投考警校。海翹在警校內認識了教官高倉(路斯明飾),高倉幹練精明、疾惡如仇,可以為了正義不惜犧牲自己的前途,更令翹驚喜的是,倉正是當年那個救了自己的少年。為了伸張正義,高倉率領著海翹、漢子及梁爽(林佑威飾)等眾隊員,悍然無懼挑戰權貴,終於偵破多宗轟動台灣的大案… Casts: 林佑威, 賴雅妍 Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan

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  • When I See You Again (Cantonese) – 他看她的第2眼

    When I See You Again (Cantonese) – 他看她的第2眼

    Description: 安希在撲浪村經營民宿,遇上重大危機。夏又謙離開喧囂的城市回到撲浪村,擅長讀心術的他想著十年前的青春回憶,在寧靜的泳池邊遇上當年讓他受傷的安希,讀心術竟然完全失靈…

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  • Two Fathers (Cantonese) – 兩個爸爸

    Two Fathers (Cantonese) – 兩個爸爸

    Description: 唐翔希是一位辯才無礙的明星律師,而溫振華是一位溫暖細膩的花店老闆。 兩個黃金單身漢卻因一通來自醫院的電話,徹底改變了他們的人生。原來兩人曾共同愛上的女人,在醫院留下一名女嬰後從此消失… Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan Director: Liu Junjie Cast: Weber Yang, Lin You Wei, Megan Lai, Amanda Chou, Liang Jing

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  • The Royal Gambler – 大撲

    The Royal Gambler – 大撲

    Description: 大撲由《假面》南健導演和《武士白東修》權順奎作家共同打造的作品,描述雖然擁有王統血脈但卻過著賤民生活,過著這種悲慘命運的王子永壽(張根碩 飾),與以王子身分出生,並擁有所有事物的王子英祖(呂珍九 飾),兩人的愛情與命運,得到王座並且展開了兩人的對立的故事。 Casts: Jang Keun Suk Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan

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  • My Lawyer Mr. Joe – 鄰家律師趙德浩

    My Lawyer Mr. Joe – 鄰家律師趙德浩

    Description: 由模媽余曉彤帶大家到南澳自駕遊,由阿得萊德駛至墨爾本,沿途經歷城市不同風光,感受當地風土人情和體驗生活。當了媽媽的余曉彤第一次放下家庭出走旅行,放下其他生活重擔,回復自由身創蕩世界,給自己一個獨一無二的悠長假期,重新體驗和定義生活。 Casts: 余曉彤 Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan

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  • Lovestore at the Corner (Cantonese) – 巷弄裡的那家書店

    Lovestore at the Corner (Cantonese) – 巷弄裡的那家書店

    Description: A woman went for a hike in the mountain and was never heard from again. Her disappearance caused a ripple effect on everyone she touched and connected these group of unrelated strangers. Through the books she left behind, they found a common goal to pursuit. 一個女生登山時失蹤,改變了周遭一些人的人生,也將一些原本沒有關係的人聚集在一起,追求一個共同的夢想。 Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan

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  • Hwajung (Cantonese)  – 華政

    Hwajung (Cantonese) – 華政

    Description: Drama series follows the rise and fall of Princess Jeongmyeong. Princess Jeongmyeong was born to King Seongjo of the Joseon Dynasty period. After her younger brother is killed by older stepbrother, Prince Gwanghae, she falls from her position as a princess. Country: Korean Language: Cantonese Status: Completed Released: 2015 Genre: Historical, Romance

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  • Love O2O (Cantonese) – 微微一笑很傾城

    Love O2O (Cantonese) – 微微一笑很傾城

    Description: 美女學霸貝微微,立志成為遊戲工程師,化名“蘆葦微微”躋身網游高手,因拒絕上傳 真實照片而慘遭俠侶“真水無香”無情拋棄, 卻意外得到江湖第一高手信肖奈的垂青。

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  • Love Me Or Leave Me (Cantonese)  – 我,租了一個情人

    Love Me Or Leave Me (Cantonese) – 我,租了一個情人

    Description: Ji Qing (Ann Hsu) has commitment issues because of her parents failed marriage and her father’s infidelity. Even though she is in a stable and loving relationship with her longtime boyfriend Fang Hao Ming (Chris Wang), she hesitates when he talks about marriage. To test if Hao Ming will remain faithful to her, she hires Zhao Shan Shan (Albee Huang), to test if he will cheat on her. But Ji Qing plan seems to have backfired when Shan Shan […]

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  • Aoi Honoo (Cantonese) – 青之炎

    Aoi Honoo (Cantonese) – 青之炎

    Description: 上世紀80年代初的日本,當年正是日本動畫文化最輝煌的年代。故事主角是大阪藝術大學的新生,志願是要成為出色的漫畫家。對實力很有自信的他,因假想敵活躍而感到焦躁、掙扎,但亦從中得到勇氣,在跌跌撞撞中,能否走上職業漫畫家的道路,繼續追求夢想…..

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  • Amour et Patisserie (Cantonese) – 沒有名字的甜點店

    Amour et Patisserie (Cantonese) – 沒有名字的甜點店

    Description: 故事講述自巴黎返台的女孩陳甜甜(張榕容飾)在小巷內開了一家沒有名字的法式甜點店,充滿陽光氣息的揹包客大男孩Allen(劉以豪飾)意外闖進店裡,最後卻賴著不走,成為店裡的幫手。 Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan Cast: Mike He ,Alice Ke ,Ella Wilkins

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  • Lucky Romance (Cantonese) – 好運羅曼史

    Lucky Romance (Cantonese) – 好運羅曼史

    Description: How far would you go to save your dying sister? Shim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) is very superstitious and does everything she can to ward off bad luck, from lighting candles to sprinkling salt. She has been visiting a fortuneteller for two years to find ways that she can keep her younger sister, who has been in a coma after a car accident, alive against all odds. After another code-blue incident with her sister, Bo Nui begs her fortuneteller […]

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  • Taste of Love (Cantonese) – 唯一繼承者

    Taste of Love (Cantonese) – 唯一繼承者

    Description: Chris Man (Bryant Chang), the younger heir to “Man Kee Restaurant”, an Michelin star restaurant in Macau, lives an affluent selfish life. His family restaurant’s most famous dish is the roast goose with special house sauce, which his mother is the only one that knows of the secret recipe. The restaurant finds itself in dire consequences when his mother collapses and goes into an coma. When the media reports about their mother’s condition and that she is the only one […]

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  • The Late Night Stop (Cantonese) – 小站

    The Late Night Stop (Cantonese) – 小站

    Description:在這深夜的城市角落裡,小站廚師透過料理把溫暖帶給食客,讓食客來到小站吃著料理而解開心結,生活中遇到的困難得以迎刃而解。 Language: Cantonese Country: Taiwan Cast: Tanaka Chie

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