The Sparks (Cantonese) – 火之粉

The Sparks (Cantonese) - 火之粉 - Episode 01
REGALIA The Three Sacred Stars (Cantonese) - 雷加利亞三聖星
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Description: Shingo (Yusuke Santamaria) is on trial at a Tokyo District Court. He is charged for the murder of a family of three. If he is convicted, he will receive the death penalty. Shingo is acquitted.

Two years later, Shingo moves to a quiet residential area. He meets his next door neighbors. The family consists of Yukimi (Yuka), her parents-in-laws Isao (Masato Ibu) and Hiroe (Mayumi Asaka), her husband Toshiro (Koji Ookura) and their daughter Madoka (Rin Shouno). They seem to be a normal family except Toshiro is unemployed.

At night, Shingo visits his neighbors to say hi. After work, the father-in-law Isao comes back home. Isao finds Shingo at his home and Isao is stunned. Isao was the judge who declared Shingo innocent.


Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): ViuTV
Country: Japan

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