Storm in a Cocoon-守業者

The Hiddens - 隱世者們
Virtues of Harmony - 皆大歡喜



Guangzhou’s largest silk factory “Wing Tai Lung” boss, Poon Wing Lin (Elliot Ngok) has decided to pass down the business to his eldest son, Poon Ka Hin (Evergreen Mak) and second daughter, Poon Hau Yee (Akina Hong) due to his old age. Unexpectedly,Hau Yee commits suicide at this time. Youngest son Poon Ka Yeung (Steven Ma who is a military doctor returns to help run the business and he realise that there are too many suspicions in Hau Yee’s death. Hau Yee’s best friend Tong Bing Bing (Tavia Yeung) who is also working at the silk factory shares the same thought as Ka Yeung and they join hands to investigate the death while unfolding the factory and Poon family’s complex relationships. They realised that everyone are suspects causing Ka Yeung to be treated coldy. Sin Bik Suet (Maggie Siu) who is regarded as the “big sister” in the factory, frequently picks on Bing Bing. After big liar Fung Chi Chung (Natalie Tong) who claims that she is a celibate joins the factory, more troubles is created as she seems to have hidden intentions. Meanwhile, Bing Bing brave personality attracts Ka Yeung and the two of them gradually develop feelings. However, Bing Bing’s fiance, Kwan Jo Yiu (Raymond Cho) who has been missing for many years, suddenly returns creating an uproar. Hau Yee’s murderer is also someone unexpected, and because of this Poon’s family business is faced with retribution. Ka Yeung and Bing Bing are determined to protect the property but they are faced with many troubles…

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