Night Light – 불야성

Night Light - 불야성 - Episode 01 (English subtitles)
A New Leaf (Cantonese) - 改過遷善


Description: This is a drama depicts the intense and fierce fight which those greedy citizens, in the city that never sleeps, collide with each other in order to become the owner of the most splendid luring lights: money and power.

Park Gun Woo (Jin Goo),the handsome and smart successor of the large corporation Moojin goes to Japan, in order to pursue his dreams of a musician. In Japan he meetsSeo Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won)and falls in love with her. But after his heart was broken, he returns to Korea and starts to work at Moojin. 12 years later, he meets Seo Yi Kyung again, she is now a cold-blooded businesswoman with wealth and determination. At the same time he meets Lee Se Jin (Uee),who was born to a poor family, but is now highly ambitious. Seo Yi Kyung and Lee Se Jin strike up a challenge for success and love.

Language: Korean
Country: Korea
Release Date: 21 November 2016
Times: 20 Episodes
Director: Lee Jae Dong
Cast: Lee Yo Won, Jin Goo, Uee
Genre: Romance

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