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  • Shine or Go Crazy – 빛나거나 미치거나

    Shine or Go Crazy – 빛나거나 미치거나

    Description: This drama is based on the web novel “Bitnageona Michigeona” by Hyun Go Woon which was first published from 2014-March-17 via “daum.net“. This is a drama takes place within a palace between cursed emperor, Wang So and an abandoned princess, Shin Yool. Wang So (Jang Hyuk) is the Prince of Goryeo who has a cursed fate. He had to get married with the Last Princess of Balhae, Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo). She was born with the fate of […]

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  • My Heart Twinkle Twinkle – 내 마음 반짝반짝

    My Heart Twinkle Twinkle – 내 마음 반짝반짝

    Description: Since her mother died, Soon Jin (Jang Shin Young) has taken care of her father and her two younger sisters. She also runs a chicken restaurant “Jinsim” own by his father and worry about their rival chicken restaurant “Woontak” run by a cold-blooded man, Woon Tak (Bae Soo Bin). Meanwhile, her two younger sisters are Soon Soo (Lee Tae Im) and Soon Jung (Nam Bo Ra). Soon Soo has an attractive appearance and plays the piano well. Due to […]

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  • Persevere, Goo Hae Ra – 칠전팔기 구해라

    Persevere, Goo Hae Ra – 칠전팔기 구해라

    Description: Goo Hae Ra (Min Hyo Rin) is 21 years old. Her dream is to debut as a singer to let people know about her late father’s musical compositions. She then takes part in the music TV contest program “Super Star K 2″ with her childhood twin friends Kang Se Jong (Kwak Si Yang) and Kang Se Chan (Jin Young). They get through the local tryouts and are selected to take part in the program. At super week, Hae Ra, […]

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  • Kill Me, Heal Me – 킬미, 힐미

    Kill Me, Heal Me – 킬미, 힐미

    Description: A romantic comedy about a third-generation billionnaire with Dissociative Identity Disorder and a first-year Psychiatrist resident who treats him secretly. Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) is the third generation of a chaebol family who suffers from multiple personality disorder after going through numerous life-threatening traumas. As he tries to get back on his life on the track with the help of a resident doctor, Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum). The “seven people” whom he created in his body […]

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  • Spy – 스파이

    Spy – 스파이

    Description: This drama is based on an Israeli drama called “The Gordin Cell” and modified to fit the North/South Korea relations. The fictional story begins after the execution of real-life North Korean general Jang Sung Taek. One day an order comes down from North Korea, reactivating erstwhile spy Park Hye Rim ((Bae Jung Ok) who has spent decades in South Korea as an ordinary housewife. She is given the mission to turn and bring in her own son, Kim Sun […]

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  • Heart to Heart – 하트 투 하트

    Heart to Heart – 하트 투 하트

    Description: Cha Hong Do (Choi Kang Hee) suffers from social phobia and has a problem with severe blushing. She does have a strong sense of curiosity and learns from books and the internet. One day, Cha Hong Do’s grandmother dies. Her grandmother was her only contact to the outside world. Cha Hong Do then begins doing housework as a maid, but disguises herself as an elderly woman. Through an incident, she meets a psychiatrist, Go Yi Suk (Chun Jung Myung). […]

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  • The Family Is Coming – 떴다 패밀리

    The Family Is Coming – 떴다 패밀리

    Description: This drama is based on the 2012 published novel “Grandma is Back” by Kim Bum. A grandma (Park Won Sook) who abandoned her family 50 years ago suddenly returns one day to distribute a 10-billion-won inheritance to her children and grandchildren. The story will be about the family member’s competition over who gets the inheritance. Meanwhile, Choi Dong Suk (Jin Yi Han) is a good looking man and graduated from a prestigious university but have no job. Language: Korean […]

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  • Seonam Girls High School Investigators – 선암여고 탐정단

    Seonam Girls High School Investigators – 선암여고 탐정단

    Description: Based on the novel “Seonamyeogo Tamjungdan: Banggwa Hooui Miseuteori“ by Park Ha Ik which was published on 2013-Jan-25 by “Golden Bough Publisers”. Five students are members of a private investigator club at Seonam Girls High School. They try to solve the problems of private education, abortion, bullying, suicide and other problems in the Korean education system. Language: Korean Production company(s): Wellmade Yedang, Fun Projects Country: Korea Times: 16 Episodes Release Date: 16 December 2014 Director: Yeo Woon Hyuk, Yoo […]

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  • Maids – 하녀들

    Maids – 하녀들

    Description: A drama about the lowest class of servants during the Joseon era. In Yub (Jung Yoo Mi) is a beautiful noblewoman who becomes a servant overnight when her father is framed and labeled a traitor. She ends up falling in love with a fellow servant, Moo Myung (Oh Ji Ho) who is the most attractive servant and skilled warrior in Hanyang. He is also a mysterious man who hides his real identity and pretends to be a servant. Meanwhile, […]

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  • Punch – 펀치

    Punch – 펀치

    Description: The drama will be about prosecutors high-up in the supreme court. A chief investigative prosecutor finds out he has six months left to live, and on the other side is a prosecutor general who’s neck-deep in corruption. Park Jung Hwan (Kim Rae Won) is the chief of the anticorruption investigation team for the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office. To get to his position, he has made compromises on achieving justice. He then learns that he has a malignant brain tumor and […]

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  • Healer – 힐러

    Healer – 힐러

    Description: A mysterious messenger of the 22nd century, an online newspaper reporter who only concerns her own interests, a popular reporter who agonizes over the truth and reality. When these three people meet, a passionate romance starts and the truths from the past and present reveal themselves to the world. This drama features young people and how they grow into real reporters. Language: Korean Country: Korea Times: 20 Episodes Release Date: 08 Decamber 2014 Cast: Ji Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo / Healer […]

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  • That Winter, The Wind Blows (Cantonese) – 那年冬天 風在吹

    That Winter, The Wind Blows (Cantonese) – 那年冬天 風在吹

    Description: 吳首是一個職業賭徒,在幼年時被父母拋棄,長大後初戀女友又因意外離世,接二連三的重大打擊,令吳首沉迷賭博,終日虛度光陰,過著沒有意義的生活,幸有兩 名情同手足的「好兄弟」朴振成及同名同姓的吳守,患難相扶。一天,吳首遭現任女友陳少蘿插贓嫁禍,無辜背上78億韓圜巨債,他逃亡間連累吳守意外身亡,自 己也難逃牢獄之災。 吳首出獄後,無意中得悉亡友吳守竟是大財團繼承人,為了生存,他被逼假扮吳守,帶著情同兄弟的振成來到吳家。與吳守的妹妹吳英相處間,吳首發現吳英與自己同樣獨單,更漸漸對她產生感情…… 吳英聰敏、美麗,又是大財團的唯一繼承人,看似擁有一切;然而因父母離異,吳英六歲時被逼與媽媽及哥哥分離,加上突然患病失明,內心孤獨又空虛,逐漸喪失 生存的信念!這時父親又離世,上天卻安排孤獨無依的她與分離多年的「哥哥」重遇!吳英起初對「哥哥」充滿戒心,表現冷漠,但受到「哥哥」無微不至的呵護, 終被感動,尋回幸福的滋味。原本孤單的兩「兄妹」,自相遇之後,不約而同找回愛與希望,但當一切謊言被揭穿時,將面臨怎樣的結局? Language: Cantonese Country: Korea Times: 30 Episodes Release Date: 20 June 2014 (J2 Channel) Director: Kim Kyu Tae Cast: Jo In Sung, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Bum, Jung Eun Ji, Bae Jong Ok, Kim Tae Woo, Kim Gyu Chul, Kim Young Hoon,Seo Hyo Rim, Im Se Mi Genre: Romance That Winter, The Wind Blows (Cantonese) – 那年冬天 風在吹 – Episode 02 That Winter, The Wind Blows (Cantonese) – 那年冬天 風在吹 – Episode […]

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  • Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus (Cantonese) – 鯊魚

    Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus (Cantonese) – 鯊魚

    Description: 「鯊魚必須一直向前游動,才能夠呼吸活命,若有一刻鬆懈,鯊魚亦會在水中窒息而死。」韓以樹(金南佶飾),一個既可怕又孤獨的男人,正是一條站在陸地上的鯊魚。 檢察官趙海雨(孫藝珍飾),為「伽倻酒店集團」的千金,準備與高中時的好友吳俊榮(河錫鎮飾)結婚。在這個婚禮上,海雨竟從賓客中,發現一個貌似初戀情人以樹的陌生人吉村潤,但以樹早在12年前被裁定死於交通意外…… 12年前,海雨雖然出身豪門,但面對父親有外遇,母親離家出走,內心十分孤單的海雨變得反叛、我行我素,成為眾人眼中的問題少女,直到一天遇上了以樹,海雨終感受到幸福滋味。但連串意外,令海雨的快樂變成短暫回憶。以樹在調查刺殺父親韓永滿的凶手時,突然遭遇車禍,在這個世界憑空消失。 海雨長大後,投身司法界擔任檢察官,多年來盡心調查與以樹有關的案件。如今,站在海雨面前的吉村潤,「巨人飯店」的社長,竟長着一張「以樹臉」。面對吉村潤的多番接近,新婚的海雨內心不免泛起陣陣漣漪。 及後,海雨無意中發現父親趙義宣(金圭鐵飾)和爺爺趙尚國(李政吉飾),竟牽涉12年前多宗命案。海雨更得到以樹尚未離世的消息,而昔日的以樹,正是今天的吉村潤。此時,突然傳來以樹綁架義宣的消息,為怕以樹手刃仇人,海雨四處打聽父親下落,多年來多宗的凶殺案真相,亦逐一浮現。 以樹策劃多年的復仇計劃正式展開,但他的秘書張英姬(李荷妮飾)卻默默觀察着以樹的一舉一動,密切地向以樹的養父吉村純一郎報告…… Language: Cantonese Production company(s): KBS Country: Korea Release Date: 07 December 2014 (J2 Channel) Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus (Cantonese) – 鯊魚 – Episode 20 Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus (Cantonese) – 鯊魚 – Episode 19 Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus (Cantonese) – 鯊魚 – Episode 18 Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus (Cantonese) – 鯊魚 – Episode 17 Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus (Cantonese) – 鯊魚 – […]

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  • Valid Love – 일리있는 사랑

    Valid Love – 일리있는 사랑

    Description: Jang Hee Tae (Uhm Tae Woong) met his future wife, Kim Il Ri (Lee Si Young) when he worked as a temporary biology teacher at an all girls high school. Il Ri was a student there. Now, Hee Tae works as a fishery researcher and spends his days in a typical marriage. One day, he learns that his wife is having an affair with a carpenter, Kim Joon (Lee Soo Hyuk). He becomes angry for the first time, but […]

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  • The King’s Face – 왕의 얼굴

    The King’s Face – 왕의 얼굴

    Description: A historical drama that chronicles the rocky path and struggles of Crown Prince Kwanghae to became King. Since Kwanghae (Seo In Guk) was born from a concubine and only appointed as Crown Prince in a desperate measure, many dissatisfied officials from Northerner faction often plotted for his assassination and dethronement for 16 years. He also often quarreled with his father, King Seonjo (Lee Sung Jae), especially regarding Kim Ga Hee (Jo Yoon Hee). Both son and father will fight […]

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