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  • Misaeng – 미생

    Misaeng – 미생

    Description: Based on the webcomic “Misaeng” by Yoon Tae Ho which was published from 2012-Jan-20 to 2013-Oct-14 via cartoon.media.daum.net. This drama follows the lives of ordinary salaryman in their workplace. Jang Geu Rae (Siwan) played the board game “baduk” (a strategy game somewhat like chess) since he was a child. Playing the game was everything to him, but he failed to become a professional baduk player. Now he is thrown out into the real world. By an acquaintance’s recommendation, He […]

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  • The King 2 Hearts (Cantonese) – 当王子遇上女军官

    The King 2 Hearts (Cantonese) – 当王子遇上女军官

    Description: Set in an alternate reality, modern-day South Korea is governed by a constitutional monarchy descended from the Joseon Dynasty. Lee Jae-ha (Lee Seung-gi) is a handsome yet materialistic crown prince who doesn’t care about politics and feels total reluctance to being the second in line to the throne. Lee Jae-kang (Lee Sung-min), the current king, tricks him into joining a joint military collaboration with North Korea as a means to help “make him grow up.” Meanwhile, Kim Hang-ah (Ha Ji-won) […]

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  • Cantabile Tomorrow – 내일도 칸타빌레

    Cantabile Tomorrow – 내일도 칸타빌레

    Description: This drama is adapted from the Japanese manga ‘Nodame Cantabile‘ by Tomoko Ninomiya which was first published in Japan by Kodansha in the Kiss (magazine) from 2001-July-10 to 2009-October-10. This drama is also a remake of the Japanese drama ‘Nodame Cantabile‘ starring by Ueno Juri and Tamaki Hiroshi which was broadcast from 2006-Oct-16 to 2006-Dec-25 on Fuji TV. An elite meticulous musical genius and a messy out-of-control pianist. This unlike pair somehow matches up and together with a group […]

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  • Miss Korea – 韩国小姐 (Cantonese)

    Miss Korea – 韩国小姐 (Cantonese)

    《韓國小姐》(朝鮮語:미스코리아,英语:Miss Korea)為韓國MBC於2013年12月起播放的水木迷你連續劇,以1997年IMF時期為背景,講述為了拯救陷入危機的化妝品公司,公司成員們將現在任職電梯小姐的高中校花打造成韓國小姐的故事。[1][2]由《Pasta》權錫璋導演與徐淑香作家聯手打造,李善均、李聖旻與宋善美繼《黃金時刻》後再度共同出演。 Language: Cantonese Country: Korea Times: 20 Episodes Miss Korea (Cantonese) – 韩国小姐 – Episode 20 Miss Korea (Cantonese) – 韩国小姐 – Episode 19 Miss Korea (Cantonese) – 韩国小姐 – Episode 18 Miss Korea (Cantonese) – 韩国小姐 – Episode 17 Miss Korea (Cantonese) – 韩国小姐 – Episode 16 Miss Korea (Cantonese) – 韩国小姐 – Episode 15 Miss Korea (Cantonese) – 韩国小姐 – Episode 14 Miss Korea (Cantonese) – 韩国小姐 – Episode 13 Miss Korea (Cantonese) – 韩国小姐 – Episode […]

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  • Doctor Stranger (Cantonese) – 异乡人医生

    Doctor Stranger (Cantonese) – 异乡人医生

    Description: 由于历史的原因,顽皮青年朴勋(李钟硕 饰)在北朝鲜度过了童年、少年和青年时代,他在那里结识了美丽女孩宋在熙(陈世妍 饰),但命运却将年轻人的美好青春击得粉碎。为了奔向自由,二人生离死别。辗转来到韩国的朴勋,偶然的机缘与明宇医院结缘,更在这里 见到了和在熙一模一样的麻醉科女医生韩胜熙。在北方接受了严格的医疗教育,加上承自父亲的基因和天赋,朴勋很快成为明宇医院内独当一面的优秀外科医师。 这个有着“脱北者”标签的年轻人,将和胜熙以及怀着复仇目的的胸外科科长韩在俊(朴海镇 饰)、美丽的医院理事长之女吴秀贤(姜素拉 饰)乃至身边所有的人发生激烈碰撞…… A man with a genius IQ follows in his father’s footsteps in more ways than one. Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) is raised in North Korea to become a doctor by his doctor father, who had defected to South Korea years ago and met his South Korean mother before being captured and returned to North Korea. After Park Hoon becomes an accomplished chest surgeon, he too defects to South Korea and goes […]

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  • Boarding House Number 24 – 하숙집 24번

    Boarding House Number 24 – 하숙집 24번

    Description: Six young people with different personalities and different backgrounds move into a boarding house together. What they don’t realize is that it’s not mere coincidence they’re new roommates: it’s all the owner’s doing. A bachelor and a playboy, the owner (Kim Kwang Kyu) recently discovers that he has a child who’s about 24 years old and born in the late summer. Curious as to who his child is, he brings these six young strangers together to find him/her. Language: […]

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  • Nine: 9 Times Time Travel (Cantonese) – 九轉迴香

    Nine: 9 Times Time Travel (Cantonese) – 九轉迴香

    Description: This fantasy melodrama is about an anchorman at a TV broadcasting station, Park Sun Woo (Lee Jin Wook) who is in love with new reporter Joo Min Young (Jo Yoon Hee) and is given 9 chances to travel back in time to solve a crime that happened 20 years ago. Language: Cantonese Country: Korea Times: 20 Episodes Release Date: 24 September 2014 (J2 Channel) Director: Kim Byung Soo Cast: Lee Jin Wook, Jo Yoon Hee, Jun Noh Min, Kim […]

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  • Secret Door – 비밀의 문

    Secret Door – 비밀의 문

    Description: A historical drama about the secret surrounding Crown Prince Sado’s death. This drama takes place during King Yeongjo’s (Han Suk Kyu) reign where his son, Crown Prince Sado (Lee Je Hoon), is forced kill himself. Despite Yeongjo’s effort to change Sado, he had no choice but to order the death of Sado due to his mental instability, excessive violence, and sexual assaults. This drama will tell the discovery of the truth behind the mystery surrounding Sado’s death. Language: Korean […]

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  • Emergency Couple (Cantonese) – 急診男女

    Emergency Couple (Cantonese) – 急診男女

    Description: 吳昌旻(崔振赫飾)出身自醫生世家,多年前不顧家中成員反對,放棄從醫,決定與吳真熙(宋智孝飾)結婚,更屈就於製藥公司上班養家。不幸地,男方的事業處處碰壁,而女方亦承受不了男方家庭的壓力,兩人的婚姻只能維持1年,便到達不友好的終結。 離婚後的真熙為了不被看扁,花了6年時間取得進入醫院實習的資格,而昌旻亦回復家人的期望,重新加入醫生行列。命運偏愛玩弄人,兩人竟同時被編派駐守同一醫院的急診室內進行實習。前夫前妻相遇見面,猶如仇人碰面,針鋒相對的事隨時在掌控病人生死的急診室內發生! A romantic comedy about a couple who married during medical school but due to their clashing personalities divorced soon afterwards. They are reunited years later as interns at a hospital. Will love strike again for the two? Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) had a good life as a dietitian when she met medical school student Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk). Chang Min comes from a wealthy family full of doctors who where against their marriage but the […]

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  • My Lovable Girl – 내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀

    My Lovable Girl – 내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀

    Description: Hyun Wook (Bi) is the CEO of a talent agency that scouts and trains idols. He is a brilliant songwriter-producer who appears cold and indifferent on the outside but is sensitive and kind-hearted. Hyun Wook lives in great difficulty as he unable to let go of his ex girlfriend who dies in an accident he witnesses first hand. His ex-girlfriend’s sister, Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung), moves to Seoul in order to pursue her songwriting career and meets Hyun […]

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  • Heartstrings (Cantonese) – 爱漫弦/你為我著迷

    Heartstrings (Cantonese) – 爱漫弦/你為我著迷

    Description: Lee Shin is a university student majoring in modern music. He is also the vocalist and guitarist of the band “The Stupid.” Shin is known for his good looks and strong passion for music, but in reality he is cold, lacks interest in anything unrelated to music and has neither dreams nor plans for the future. He initially likes Jung Yoon Soo, a dance professor at university, but this all changes when he meets Lee Kyu Won. Lee Kyu […]

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  • IRIS 2 – 아이리스 시즌2 (Cantonese)

    IRIS 2 – 아이리스 시즌2 (Cantonese)

    The story take place three years after the the death of Hyun Joon in IRIS I. It will reveal mystery surrounding Hyun Joon’s death and Baek San (Kim Young Chul), who has been arrested for being active in the secret organization IRIS. It will also outline the story of mysterious group, who controlled everything through Baek San. Yoo Gun (Jang Hyuk) will plays the team leader of the NSS and Ji Soo Yeon (Lee Da Hae) plays an Olympic gold […]

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  • The Heirs – 상속자들 (Cantonese)

    The Heirs – 상속자들 (Cantonese)

    This drama follows a group of privileged, elite high school students as they are groomed to take over their families’ business empires. These wealthy students seem to have everything under control–except their love lives. Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) is heir to the Empire Group sent to study abroad in the U.S. In reality it’s a form of exile, as his elder half-brother back home, Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk) schemes to takes over the family business.

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  • Great Doctor – 信義 (Cantonese)

    Great Doctor – 信義 (Cantonese)

    Description: 高麗時代,高麗王的護衛部隊在迂達赤大將崔瑩(李敏鎬飾)的帶領下,護送元朝公主和高麗的新王恭愍王回高麗,途中被奇轍派來的人阻撓。元朝公主不幸遭到行 刺受傷,命在旦夕,而公主生死關乎高麗國的存亡。為求得「神醫」拯救公主,崔瑩藉由華佗離開的「天門」,穿越時空來到2012年,找到正在做講座的現代整 形外科女醫生柳恩修(金喜善飾)。

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  • Triangle – 트라이앵글

    Triangle – 트라이앵글

    Genre: Melodrama, family, romance, action, crime Episodes: 24 Broadcast network: MBC Broadcast period: 2014-May-05 to 2014-???-?? Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 Original Soundtrack: Triangle OST Synopsis A drama about three brothers who reunite after 20 years through twist of events, ever since the death of their parents from two decades ago. Jang Dong Soo the oldest brother become a detective, while Dong Chul the middle brother uses an alias name Heo Young Dal to become the boss of a […]

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