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  • Virtues of Harmony – 皆大歡喜

    Virtues of Harmony – 皆大歡喜

    Description: Yau Nim-chi is the matriarch of the new rich Kam House, and a single mother of the 24-year-old Kam triplets. The Kam family owns a restaurant in town, famous for its noodles, which are notoriously cooked by Nim-chi’s arrogant younger brother, Yau Nim-fu. The bubbly Princess Sam-tin, the emperor’s favorite and only child, is of age to marry, and the emperor decides to hold a contest for scholars around the capital city to compete for her hand in marriage. Nim-chi’s […]

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  • Super Snoops – 荃加福祿壽探案

    Super Snoops – 荃加福祿壽探案

    Description: Inspector SAN CHIU TUNG (Liza Wang) left the police force because of strange case. Instead, she started her own private investigation business. TUNG accidentally encounters three pitiful young men KUNG CHAK LAM (Wong Cho Lam), CHUNG DUK LAM (Louis Yuen) and CHUI SEUI (Johnson Lee). SEUI has a super power to ‘envision the future’. As the three young men have strange abilities like walking through walls and a ‘minute good fighter’, this series will sure bring a lot of […]

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  • King Maker – 造王者

    King Maker – 造王者

    Description: During the Southern Sung Dynasty, Prince CHIU KWAI-SHING (Pierre Ngo) and Prince CHIU KWAI-WO (Lai Lok Yi) are rival brothers and they both covet the throne of the kingdom. As their strategic advisors, Chancellor YU CHING (Lai Yiu Cheung) and Chancellor TUNG CHIU (Kent Cheng) are long-time family friends as well as peer mentors.  Unexpectedly,  YU CHING’s father YU POK-MAN (Cheung Kwok Keung) courts disaster by making an indiscreet remark.  Following the confiscation of their property, the family falls […]

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  • Law & Disorder – 律政強人

    Law & Disorder – 律政強人

    Description: 有人說法律的基本精神是維護公義,然而在功利掛帥的現實社會,法律被視作巧取豪奪的利刃。律師身為把關者,有多少能夠按着良心,守住公義的底線? 自負律師 弄法圖利 張強(方中信飾)是法律界的神話,法庭上戰績彪炳,但執業二十年一直獨力經營着小型事務所K.Cheung & Co.。全公司只有他、

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  • Return of the Silver Tongue – 舌劍上的公堂

    Return of the Silver Tongue – 舌劍上的公堂

    Description: CHEUNG SEI-WAI (Kwok Chung On) establishes a private school, cultivating young talents. His student and peer-mentor, CHOW KUK (Priscilla Wong), shows genius potential in learning, however, having a smattering knowledge of things, she often misuses idioms. In view of the absurdity of the world, SEI-WAI, a righteous man, feels deeply that education alone can hardly put people on the right track. As fate would have it, he comes across CHAN CHUN-CHUN (Kristal Tin), who is very aggressive and eloquent with […]

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  • Outbound Love-單戀雙城

    Outbound Love-單戀雙城

    Description: Ruco plays Luk Kung Ji, he’s a Malaysian tour guide, loves to play and sweet talks, but his real job is a Hong Kong music producer. He fled to Malaysia because he broke up with girlfriend Hong Yi Kiu (Elaine Yiu), then met Law Sik Sik (Aimee Chan), who also fled to Malaysia because she broke up with her fiance Ching Jin Pok (Matt Yeung). Aimee becomes the head of the travel agency after going to Malaysia and meets Ruco […]

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  • The Ultimate Addiction – 點金勝手

    The Ultimate Addiction – 點金勝手

    Description: Cheuk Yuk (Bosco Wong)is a major figure in the financial industry who has no problems with crossing boundaries and playing dirty tricks for his own benefits. For this, he has long been a target of the Commercial Crime Bureau. Cheuk Yuk is much obsessed in the game of money and power, such that he neglects his family and friends. His wife and master have successively passed away because of him; however, he still felt no remorse, and instead, his ways […]

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  • The Imperial Doctress – 女医明妃传

    The Imperial Doctress – 女医明妃传

    Description: The Tan family spans many generations of doctors, with many past ancestors who were imperial physicians. But when powerful enemies frame their family, the royal court passes a ruling that future generations of the Tan family are forbidden from practising medicine. The kind, intelligent and talented Tan Yunxian (Liu Shi Shi) secretly learns the art of traditional Chinese medicine from her grandmother and helps to cure plagues and illnesses among the common people. Yunxian overcomes many societal obstacles in her […]

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  • My Better Half – 老公萬歲

    My Better Half – 老公萬歲

    Description: Pharmaceutical company employee Ching Sum (Michael Miu) has an overbearing wife, Ko Lai Sum (Maggie Cheung). In order not to fight head-on with her, he has been playing ostrich in their seven years of marriage. Lai Sum, however, has never stopped watching his every move, as she always believes he is fooling around behind her back. Sum’s younger brother, Ching Yee (Michael Tse), laughs at Sum a lot, but he also feels sorry for his plight, and gives him practical […]

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  • ICAC Investigators 2009 – 廉政行動 2009

    ICAC Investigators 2009 – 廉政行動 2009

    Description: 本輯分為五個單元故事,即造市、釘子戶、維修大鱷、死亡保險、公私車等等。 造市 馬日明(林保怡)利用妻子上市公司主席林貝琪(田蕊妮),聯同股票分析員黃海(蔡子健)及基金經理何麗雯(楊秀惠)唱好公司業績及托高股價。廉署展開調查,貝琪潛逃離港,但期間得知丈夫與麗雯有私情決定回港,日明怕妻子自首而企圖殺人滅口。廉署總調查主任Annie(宣萱)及高級調查主任Henry(黃浩然)出動追查。 釘子戶 方子荃(郭羨妮)、Zoe(蒙嘉慧)和Rainy(譚小環)是中學時代結識的金蘭姐妹,阿荃的丈夫曾永健(郭政鴻)突然急需現金周轉,Rainy賄賂Zoe在市建局工作的男友李子倫(曹永廉),提早獲得市區重建的資料,

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  • ICAC Investigators 2007 – 廉政行動2007

    ICAC Investigators 2007 – 廉政行動2007

    Description: 肅清污點  打開蔚藍天空 本劇集改編自香港廉政公署之真實貪污個案,由著名導演邱禮濤、林超賢、馬偉豪及章國明分別執導,攝製而成五個案藏懸機,劇情扣人心弦的獨立單元劇集。各集內容包括「鐵窗速遞」(懲教人員受賄案)、「過界」(警務人員行為失當案)、「億萬信用」(銀行信用狀詐騙案)、「空卡」(鐵路跨境貨運貪污案)及「沙丘城堡」(建造工程短樁案)。 Language: Cantonese Country: Hong Kong Times: 5 Episodes Release Date: 2007 Cast: Ron Ng , Ruanzhao Xiang , Michael Miu , Fiona Yuen , Edmond Leung , Power Chan , Sunny Chan , Wai Ying Hung , Raymond Wong , Shirley , Liu Kai Chi , Luole Lin , Danny Lee , Law Ka Ying , Michelle Genre: Police, Crime ICAC Investigators 2007 – 廉政行動2007 – Episode 05 ICAC Investigators 2007 – 廉政行動2007 – Episode 04 ICAC […]

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  • I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令

    I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令

    Description: 一班廉政精英,由巾幗不讓鬚眉的女總調查主任葉幗英(陳法蓉飾)統領,維護社會公義,肅貪倡廉。他們包括有精明能幹、經驗豐富的高級調查主任廉志剛(張兆輝飾);大學剛畢業便加入廉署工作的方卓文(古天樂飾);性格爽朗、率直的簡鳴暉(袁潔瑩飾);孤兒出身的羅家杰(何寶生飾)及思想單純、樂於助人的劉芷珊(張玉珊飾)等。他們各有專長,屢立奇功,偵破多宗案件,包括警務人員包庇公寓進行賣淫活動、地產法展商勾結地產代理進行內幕認購、消防員貪污及不法商人進行軍火買賣等等。 公事上,眾人各擅其職,全力破案,私底下感情亦非常融洽,文與暉因日夕相處而共墮愛河,剛與英則背著眾人展開一段微妙的地下情。杰與珊自學堂已是公認的一對,但杰卻因珊出身豪門而感到自卑,遂強充追求名牌衣著及駕駛豪華跑車,以致經濟拮据。最後,更因一時貪念,違犯職業操守,被廉署革職。自此,便和黑幫中人進行非法勾當,與文等人成為仇敵。 Language: Cantonese Country: Hong Kong Times: 20 Episodes Release Date: 1997 Cast: Monica Fat Yun Chan, Louis Tin Lok Koo, Timmy Po Sun Ho, Fennie Kit Ying Yuen, Shirley Yuk Shan Chung, Eddie Siu Fai Cheung Genres: Police  I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令 – Episode 20 I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令 – Episode 19 I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令 – Episode 18 I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令 – Episode 17 I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令 – Episode 16 I […]

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  • A Fistful Of Stances – 鐵馬尋橋

    A Fistful Of Stances – 鐵馬尋橋

    Description: Au-Yeung Wai-Lan (Yuen Qiu), owner of a martial arts training school, is reunited with her long-lost son Ku Yu Cheung (Kevin Cheng) after years of agonizing separation. On his return home, Yu-Cheung is shocked to find that his younger brother Koo Yu-Tong (Kenneth Ma) has been critically ill and that his father was murdered long ago by Wing Tak (Dominic Lam), the existing director of a pharmaceutical company and a bitter old foe of the Koos. Pinning all the family […]

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  • When Rules Turn Loose – 識法代言人

    When Rules Turn Loose – 識法代言人

    Description: Renowned lawyer SUEN MAN YEE (WANG MING CHUN, LIZA) runs a law firm with her mentor’s son YUEN SAI HEI KEITH (NGAI CHUN KIT, MARCO). Both her daughter SHUM YAT SUM NATALIE (LIU CHUK KI, PATRICA) and her son-in-law HUNG CHI TAT RAYMOND (LAI YIU CHEUNG, WAYNE) are lawyers in the firm. Her younger daughter SHUM YAT YIN FION (WU, MYOLIE) also works as an executive there. The firm recruits a young lawyer CHING HOK KAN DICK (CHAN KIN […]

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  • Inspector Gourmet – 為食神探

    Inspector Gourmet – 為食神探

    Description: 「為食神探」碰上「廚男神探」 人稱「為食神探」的麥犀(阮兆祥飾),擁有一條「金舌頭」,憑此破了不少大案。「鱘龍事件」讓愛吃的他因貪吃而知法犯法,被判入獄兩年。兩年來,他與「美味」二字絕緣,出獄後便立即到有名的釧記海鮮酒家,大吃一頓,重拾享受美食的感覺。

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