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  • The Biter Bitten – 人生馬戲團

    The Biter Bitten – 人生馬戲團

    Description: This series is about the four close friends and their family looking for a buried treasure from the “Ten Tigers”. They go through a lot of clues to lead them to new discoveries which all lead up to the big treasure. Jo Jun-Fung (Benny Chan) is the smart one that loves to solve riddles and answer IQ questions. Cheung Kin-Sing (Michael Tong) is Fung’s best friend and both of them just arrived from America after studying. As the series progresses, […]

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  • Happy Ever After – 金玉滿堂

    Happy Ever After – 金玉滿堂

    Description: Happy Ever After (Traditional Chinese: 金玉滿堂) is a 1999 Hong Kong grand-production television period drama. A TVB production, the drama was produced by Chong Wai-kin, written by Chan Ching-yee and Choi Ting-ting, and stars an ensemble cast. The drama is set during the reignof the Qianlong Emperor of Late Imperial China’s Qing dynasty. The drama tells of a story regarding the struggles of a poor chef and his best friend earning an opportunity to serve the Qianlong Emperor, also […]

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  • Midnight Cousin – 午夜伴廊

    Midnight Cousin – 午夜伴廊

    Description: 香港歌廳 – 老一輩跳茶舞,食花生,吹水聚腳的地方,已經是夕陽工業,歌廳老闆為了振興生意,於是請了一隊年青樂隊 < 藍􀐍鋼鐵>。故事圍繞樂隊各成員之間的感情,以幽默的手法,呈現小人物的世界。 Language: Cantonese

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  • My Dearly Sinful Mind – 心理追兇Mind Hunter

    My Dearly Sinful Mind – 心理追兇Mind Hunter

    Description: 善惡在乎人心,愛恨有時只差一線 竭力追求真與善的人,偏偏將自己推進漆黑的深淵。 心理學家執迷緝兇

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  • Police Cadet 1988 – 新紮師兄1988

    Police Cadet 1988 – 新紮師兄1988

    Description:  劇情簡介 張偉杰在警界服務多年,屢建奇功,因此獲調派往嚴重罪案調查科。杰辦案時認識了退隱江湖的車房老闆邊城,兩人惺惺相惜,成為知己。惟城逼於情勢而重投黑社會,與杰為敵。 另一方面,杰的婚姻亦起風波,妻子葉巧宜提出離婚,而清新可人的酒廊歌手程月如此時闖進傑的生命中,這時兩大黑社會巨頭鄭康貴、卓壽賢展開惡鬥、傑受命剷除兩幫勢力,卻因而連累了宜…… 一連串衝擊接踵而來,杰將如何面對? Language: Cantonese Production company(s): TVB Country: Hong Kong Times: 40 Episodes Release Date: 1988 Cast: 梁朝偉、曾華倩、高 雄、鄧萃雯、林嘉華、吳嘉麗、邱淑貞

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  • Queen Divas-新抱喜相逢

    Queen Divas-新抱喜相逢

    Description: Being raised in a scholarly family, Nancy Sit not only takes good care of her family, she also keeps her husband’s business running in good order. Her sons Evergreen Mak and Pierre Ngo have yet to marry, but they each develop an underground relationship with a popular actress. Nancy begrudgingly accepts them into the family. Joyce Tang, the queen of dramas, and Angela Tong, the queen of comedies, take their rivalry from the entertainment circle into the household. Their seemingly […]

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  • POLICE CADET ’85 – 新紮師兄續集

    POLICE CADET ’85 – 新紮師兄續集

    Description: The continuing story of Cheung Wai Kit rise through the ranks of the Hong Kong Police department. Cheung Wai Kit is now a CID officer of Sgt. rank. His mom no longer has to sew doll clothes from home and they live in a nice apartment now. He finally has a friendly relationship with his father and step mother. The only thing missing in his life is love, his ex-girlfriend Tse Wing Chi has emigrated to Canada and doesn’t plan […]

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  • Married But Available – 我瞞結婚了

    Married But Available – 我瞞結婚了

    Description: 品牌優化達人歐陽梓聰(洪永城飾)與地產兼金行集團公關部傳訊主任朱明明(黃翠如飾)拍拖四年,快變成「中女」的明明心急結婚,梓聰卻不想就此失去自由。一次,兩人一同遇上飛機失事意外,梓聰以為命將該絕,向明明承諾:假如沒事便娶她為妻。最終二人安然無恙,明明怕梓聰反口,立即在外國註冊結婚。

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  • Provocateur – 與諜同謀

    Provocateur – 與諜同謀

    Description: 在競爭激烈的商業社會,許多人抵不住利益誘惑鋌而走險,出賣親信,「信任」及「忠誠」從此變得再無價值;亦有人以「情報」作為部署商戰策略的誘餌,「商業間諜」往往成為足以左右大局的關鍵! 商場皇者 打造美容王國

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  • Lo And Behold – 愛.回家之開心速遞

    Lo And Behold – 愛.回家之開心速遞

    Description: 熊家速遞開心火花 世代交替,新一代對舊一代嗤之以鼻,總覺得被別人阻礙著他們的未來。同樣地,年長一輩亦擁抱過往成功的經驗,總認為自己永遠是對的。故事的軸心家庭熊家,正是世代之爭的投射。輕鬆的情節除了呈現社會面貌,也用愛和歡笑拉近兩代之間的距離,讓年輕一輩懂得欣賞昔日的美好,舊一代也能聆聽新世代的聲音…… 樹根憂心兩女嫁期

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  • Healing Hands – 妙手仁心

    Healing Hands – 妙手仁心

    Description: 故事大綱 透過一群醫護人員在事業及感情上所遇到的喜怒哀樂、生老病死,帶出社會上許多不同的問題,亦反映了人性的弱點,題材新穎,場面逼真,觀眾不容錯過! 公立醫院急症室高級醫生柱(林保怡飾)為人風流,其好友腦外科高級醫生美(吳啟華飾)亦不苟同他放任不羈的生活,但柱仍我行我素。一次偶然,美下屬滿(蘇永康飾)任職律師之姊新(陳慧珊飾),發現柱乃昔日有負於她的人,二人重遇,新始驚覺對柱未能忘情!急症科醫生裕(馬浚偉飾)感情糾纏在​​護士長霞(陳芷菁飾)與實習醫生冬(曹眾飾)之間,難於抉擇!美與妻玲(梁婉靜飾)離婚,卻被禮(蔡少芬飾)誤會他玩弄感情,後經相處了解,才冰釋前嫌,更互生好感。唯此時禮竟發現患上腦癌…… 【發音語言】 : 粵語中字 【演 員】 : 吳啟華 林保怡 陳慧珊 蔡少芬 張家輝 蘇永康 馬浚偉 陳芷菁 陳美琪 李蕙敏

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  • Destination Nowhere – 迷

    Destination Nowhere – 迷

    Description: 世界上,有種現實叫荒謬。 有人明白種瓜得瓜並非必然,萬物的運行原則更是不可理喻,於是嘗試擺脫命運的愚弄,逃離荒謬的人生迷宮,誰又可以在迷途中找到出路? 故事由三個命運各不相干的人說起。

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  • Tiger Mom Blues – 親親我好媽

    Tiger Mom Blues – 親親我好媽

    Description: 社會競爭激烈,香港學生於備受爭議的教育制度下,要應付TSA、DSE、IELTS等公開試,沒完沒了。為讓子女贏在起跑線,母親放下溫柔慈愛的面孔,化身張牙舞爪的老虎,以絕對的權威逼使兒女裝備自己,為的只是替他們的將來鋪路,但要成就下一代的未來,有時難免被孩子誤會、討厭。為人子女,也未必會立刻明白兇猛虎媽背後的一片苦心。 港式虎媽 教女嚴格

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  • The Last Steep Ascent – 天梯

    The Last Steep Ascent – 天梯

    Description: The drama is a fictionalized account of a true love story between an older woman and a younger man in 1950s China. Starring Maggie Cheung Ho-yee as Koo Sun-yuet and Moses Chan as Miu Tin. Yuet, the wife of a wealthy businessman, falls in love with Tin, a man ten years her junior. The two elope to the countryside and lives modestly for the remainder of their lives. Before Tin dies, he handcarves a long stair path on the mountain […]

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  • In The Eye of The Beholder – 秋香怒點唐伯虎

    In The Eye of The Beholder – 秋香怒點唐伯虎

    Description: In search of the last model for his painting “Nine Pretty Women”, acclaimed scholar TONG BAK FU (Moses Chan) goes on a trip to Hangzhou with his ardent disciple WAT GEI (Johnson Lee) who is also like his bodyguard. While there, he meets a pretty young maid from WAH’s Residence, CHAU HEUNG (Myolie Wu). FU is mesmerized by HEUNG’s beauty and martial agility and falls in love with her right away. In order to approach the girl, he disguises as […]

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  • River Of Wine – 九江十二坊

    River Of Wine – 九江十二坊

    Description: The story takes place in the Qing Dynasty, revolving around the Sung and Leung family. Madam Leung (Nancy Sit) is the owner of a small business with eldest son Leung Ching-yiu (Bowie Lam), second son Leung Ching-hong (Sunny Chan), eldest daughter Leung Sau-man (Casper Chan) and youngest daughter Leung Sau-yin (Cilla Lok). Yiu originally was a worker at the Jiujiang brewery but due to a natural disaster, rewrote the lives of the Leung and Sung family. Sung family’s daughter, Sung […]

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  • Burning Hands – 乘勝狙擊

    Burning Hands – 乘勝狙擊

    Description: 翟冠一(陳展鵬)、何正花(林夏薇)和伍柏義(陳山聰)自小跟隨師父司徒省(潘志文)學習各種千術,冠一和正花更進展到談婚論嫁的階段,但因一場比賽,令兩人決裂至死不相往來,及後娛樂城主席霍駿昇(單立文)為要尋找內奸,竟與省設下千局,迫令冠一和柏義接下秘密任務,此舉不單令他們重遇正花,更與駿昇的千金霍曦昕(傅嘉莉)結下不解之緣,集合各人不同的才華和技藝,

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  • May Fortune Smile On You – 財神駕到

    May Fortune Smile On You – 財神駕到

    Description: 世人皆愛財。有人認為金錢是萬能,深信「財可通神」、「有錢駛得鬼推磨」;然而人有七情六慾,世上並非所有事情皆能用錢解決! 財神傲慢闖禍 被貶凡塵補過 百姓渴求一朝發達,不必再為生計勞碌,因此萬千神佛當中,財神(陳山聰飾)最受民間擁戴,漸成玉帝之下,萬神之上的大神仙,變得輕狂傲慢,更亂派功德,惹來眾仙不滿。 凡間秋季大馬票開鑼,財神卻輕率大意錯將原屬好人梅賽乾(黎耀祥飾)的得獎馬票,派予大懶蟲王百萬(單立文飾)。玉帝大怒,將財神貶下凡塵,限令他留在人間二十四年撥亂反正,否則不得重返天庭!財神降生於百萬兒子王招財身上,但遭眾仙報復,頓失仙界記憶。 馬票獎金錯配 貧富命運逆轉

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  • Recipes To Live By – 味想天開

    Recipes To Live By – 味想天開

    Description: 食物乃上天之恩賜,民以食為天,但如何「搵食」、生存,卻因應個人出身背景而有別。有人甘為一個包出賣尊嚴,有人利用食物爭權奪利,甚至作為殺人工具;但亦有人能逆境自強,把下品食材變成上品美食,那怕只是一碗飯,仍惜福感恩。食物無善惡之分,善惡只在人心。 天賜金舌 「味」力無窮 丁一山(洪永城飾)天生「大舌頭」,說話言語不清,自小受盡嘲笑、欺凌,

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  • Gloves Come Off – 拳王

    Gloves Come Off – 拳王

    Description: TONG SAP YAT (Kevin Cheng) is a fascinating Muy Thai boxer. He and his senior KO WAI TING (Kenny Wong) trained boxing far out in Thailand. Because of his moment of greed, he went down the Black Fist path and made a mistake that would make him suffer for life. After his return to Hong Kong, he was determined to forget the past and withdraw from the boxing scene. He works as a security personnel at a sporting goods company […]

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  • Infernal Affairs – 無間道

    Infernal Affairs – 無間道

    Description: 大陸公安江子丹到香港探訪好友伍永哲,卻發現永哲被緝毒科追捕時意外身亡。子丹大感詫異,決定找出真相,並查出永哲的死跟黑社會「勝聯」有關。香港緝毒科督察韋峻軒見子丹身手不凡,遂提出讓子丹潛入勝聯做線人…… Genre:Crime, Police Release:24 December 2016

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  • No Reserve – 巾幗梟雄之諜血長天

    No Reserve – 巾幗梟雄之諜血長天

    Description: 三十年代末日軍侵華,一批清朝皇帝遺留的四十噸黃金,引來各方各國覬覦!這場「黃金之爭」,中國寄望在一對巾幗梟雄身上:游擊隊隊長江尚紅和以名伶掩飾間諜身份的張寄生。在動盪的廣州,展開一場有愛有恨的間諜戰!

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