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  • Shining Days (Cantonese) – 璀璨人生

    Shining Days (Cantonese) – 璀璨人生

    Description: Yu Fei (Li Qin) lives an average who then meets and becomes close friends with the rich and spoiled Ye Lin(Kan Qing Zi). Ye Lin discovers her fiancee Zhang He Fan(Peter Ho) is actually in love with Yu Fei because she saved him when he was a child. Ye Lin is jealous of Yu Fei and decides to to use Yu Fei’s boyfriend, Xia Yu Yang (Michael Zhang) to seek revenge. Later in the drama, Yu Fei finds out […]

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  • Grow Up (Cantonese) – 長大

    Grow Up (Cantonese) – 長大

    Description:  Ye Chun Meng is a talented medical intern who is hardworking and determined, even the so-called “demon mentor”, Zhou Ming secretly acknowledges her effort. However, she feels inferior because of her poor family background as she came from a small town. Thus, there was once a time when surviving and staying in the hospital became her only life goal. During her internship, she was once sensitive to the superior background of Chen Xi and Bai Xiao Qing, she also wavered […]

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  • Nirvana in Fire (Cantonese) – 琅琊榜

    Nirvana in Fire (Cantonese) – 琅琊榜

    Description: During the great unrest of 4th-century China, war breaks out between the feudal Northern Wei and Southern Liang dynasties. General Lin Xie of Liang takes his only 17-year-old son, Lin Shu (Hu Ge), into battle and successfully fights off the hostile Wei army. But when a political rival frames General Lin Xie, it causes the deaths of 70,000 Chiyan army soldiers. Lin Shu is able to escape with his life with the help of a loyal subordinate. Twelve years […]

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  • The Virtuous Queen of Han (Mandarin) – 衛子夫

    The Virtuous Queen of Han (Mandarin) – 衛子夫

    Description: As a lowly servant’s daughter, Wei Zifu (Wang Luo Dan) does not have many means, yet she is undeniably beautiful and virtuous. When she is later recruited to entertain Princess Pingyang (Niki Chow), she immediately captivates the attention of the court, including Emperor Wu Liu Che (Raymond Lam). Zifu’s life soon changes in an unexpected way when she becomes Liu Che’s beloved empress, but can Zifu’s innocence and purity survive in a high society filled with disingenuous courtiers and […]

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  • Love at Second Sight (Cantonese) – 一見不鍾情

    Love at Second Sight (Cantonese) – 一見不鍾情

    Description: What happens when a marriage planner, Fei Luo Luo (Rainie Yang) and online love specialist, Lu Zhe Xi (Zheng Kai) encounter where the former provides marriage planning service and the latter, tries to break up the same couple? Since young, Luo Luo has hoped to have an unforgettable and perfect wedding planned by her. She sees love and marriage as the world’s most romantic thing. Because of this, she always strives to overcome all difficulties faced in order to […]

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  • Red Sorghum (Cantonese) – 紅高粱

    Red Sorghum (Cantonese) – 紅高粱

    Description: A young woman is sent into an arranged marriage by her poor parents.  Her husband, who later passes away unexpectedly, is the owner of a wine distillery.  With no son to take over the business, she decides to operate the distillery herself.  She has a complicated relationship with another man, who saved her life…and her thriving business is threatened when Japanese forces begin to invade… Language: Cantonese Country: China Release Date: 23 March 2016 Red Sorghum (Cantonese) – 紅高粱 – Episode […]

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  • Divorce Lawyers (Cantonese) – 離婚律師

    Divorce Lawyers (Cantonese) – 離婚律師

    Description: 一位口齒伶俐的金牌律師池海東,在事業上春風得意,卻未料遭到妻子焦艷艷給自己戴綠帽,而且還在自己的離婚案中輸給了艷艷的代理律師羅鸝。從此對立的海東與羅鸝,同樣不相信愛情的他們卻在陰錯陽差之下代理同一個離婚案件,甚至還成了生活中的鄰居。身為離婚案的律師,他們幫助離婚委託人的雙方心平氣和地分手,鼓勵他們開始新的生活,有時甚至勸和要離婚的夫妻,也幫助身邊的家人朋友義務解決各種危機。經過一段時間的相處,羅鸝和海東之間的關係也漸漸從競爭對手發生了微妙的變化,平時愛吵鬧且不相信愛情的他們慢慢地走在一起…到底海東和羅鸝的感情最終會否開花結果呢? Language: Cantonese Country: China    

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  • V-Love (Cantonese) – 微時代

    V-Love (Cantonese) – 微時代

    Description: 在博翰大學校園裏雲集社會各階層,酒店大亨之女吳安珀(迪麗熱巴飾)和出身小康之家的萬嘉(蕭雨雨飾),同為大學校花排行榜上的「女神」。安珀心高氣傲,認定學長、應氏企業繼承人應冬(高偉光飾)為唯一合資格的對象。安珀悉心安排生日派對,本想向他暗示自己的心意,豈料一場接吻遊戲搞砸了整個計劃,應冬竟與萬嘉吻上了;而安珀則與康子銳(邊宇飾)配成一對…… 面對萬嘉事主動表白,應冬以深情凝視回應……在萬嘉心裡,除了所有女孩公認的白馬王子應冬,還有自小與她青梅竹馬的大哥哥康子銳的位置,只是任職導演的子銳長年在外發展,兩人多年沒見面,萌芽於童年的感情,會否滋長成愛情?萬嘉身邊還不乏追求者,其中以出身平凡的韓定一(張彬彬飾)最為癡情。儘管萬嘉對這鄰家男孩無動於衷,定一卻義無反顧始終守在她身旁。 其實應冬也念念不忘一再拒絕復合的前女友,演藝圈的「緋聞女王」洛依(楊冪飾)!這位眾人的學姐,因接拍了應冬公司的奢侈品廣告,與執導廣告的導演康子銳回到上海。帶着迷一樣神秘感的洛依甫出現,打破了一眾人原本平靜的生活,牽引出眾人千絲萬縷的感情關係…… Language: Cantonese Country: China Release Date: 21 January 2016 V-Love (Cantonese) – 微時代 – Episode 40 V-Love (Cantonese) – 微時代 – Episode 39 V-Love (Cantonese) – 微時代 – Episode 38 V-Love (Cantonese) – 微時代 – Episode 37 V-Love (Cantonese) – 微時代 – Episode 36 V-Love (Cantonese) – 微時代 – Episode 35 V-Love (Cantonese) – 微時代 – Episode 34 V-Love (Cantonese) – 微時代 – Episode 33 V-Love (Cantonese) – 微時代 – Episode 32 V-Love (Cantonese) – 微時代 – Episode […]

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  • Wu Xin: The Monster Killer (Cantonese) – 無心法師

    Wu Xin: The Monster Killer (Cantonese) – 無心法師

    Description: After a long slumber Wu Xin (Elvis Han) wakes up during China’s new Republic era. He is a wandering immortal who lives a hungry and penniless life. He has no recollection of how long he has lived or how he came to be, but he has powers where he can sense the presence and communicate with spirits good and evil that still roam the living world. He pretends to be a monk to make a living. During his latest slumber […]

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  • The Sound of Desert (Cantonese) – 風中奇緣

    The Sound of Desert (Cantonese) – 風中奇緣

    Description: Jin Yu, an orphan girl of Xiongnu ethnicity, was raised by wolves in the desert, until an Han Chinese decided to adopt her. Two years later, following the death of her adoptive father due to political changes, she decides to follow the man’s wish and flees to Chang’an, the capital of Western Han Dynasty, changing her name to Xin Yue. Along her journey, she meets Mo Xun, a calm and kind disabled man, and later the handsome, cold general Wei […]

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  • The Emperor’s Harem (Cantonese) – 後宮

    The Emperor’s Harem (Cantonese) – 後宮

    Description: After many years as the Emperor, Ming Emperor Ming Xian Zong had yet to produce a male heir. Dowager Zhou who was the Emperor’s birth mother, and the worried court officials, pressurized the Emperor to take on new consorts. Meanwhile, the Emperor’s most favourite concubine, Wan Zhen Er,(Wan Gui Fei), had a baby boy not long after who died within a month. Thus, when other concubines got pregnant, Wan Gui Fei was jealous and worried so she collaborated with a […]

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  • Tiger Mom (Cantonese) – 虎媽貓爸

    Tiger Mom (Cantonese) – 虎媽貓爸

    Description: 「虎媽」畢勝男(趙薇飾)和「貓爸」羅素(佟大為飾)本是一對事業有成的恩愛小夫妻,和五歲的女兒羅茜茜(紀姿含飾)過着簡單輕鬆的美好生活,直到面對孩子升讀小學的問題,才明白為人父母並不容易。 勝男自從陪伴同事吳姐及其孩子去小學面試開始,由之前傻呼呼地欣賞茜茜的幼稚園表演,突然發現周遭媽媽們早已為裝備子女「贏在起跑線」忙得團團轉,而自己的女兒不知何時已經全面落後,終於要正視茜茜的教育問題。

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  • Love Is Not Blind (Cantonese) – 失戀33天

    Love Is Not Blind (Cantonese) – 失戀33天

    Description: 失戀33天 Language: Cantonese Country: China         Love Is Not Blind (Cantonese) – 失戀33天 – Episode 28 Love Is Not Blind (Cantonese) – 失戀33天 – Episode 27 Love Is Not Blind (Cantonese) – 失戀33天 – Episode 26 Love Is Not Blind (Cantonese) – 失戀33天 – Episode 25 Love Is Not Blind (Cantonese) – 失戀33天 – Episode 24 Love Is Not Blind (Cantonese) – 失戀33天 – Episode 23 Love Is Not Blind (Cantonese) – 失戀33天 – Episode 22 […]

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  • King’s War (Cantonese) – 楚漢

    King’s War (Cantonese) – 楚漢

    Description: Liu Bang is one of the most controversial emperors in the history of China. A lowly commoner by birth, he conquered the entire country and laid the foundation for the great Han dynasty. Bold and wise, but conniving and cunning, never completely trusting even his most loyal generals, he was known to have survived 9 deaths. Gao Xi Xi quotes a famous Qing poem about Liu Bang, “The Han King was an icon of heroism only found once in […]

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  • Detectives and Doctors (Cantonese) – 陸小鳳與花滿樓

    Detectives and Doctors (Cantonese) – 陸小鳳與花滿樓

    Description: 浪子遊俠陸小鳳感到被跟蹤,遂與跟蹤他的西山四鬼交戰,小鳳打退西山四鬼,在半路上碰到另一名跟蹤者阿信。古靈精怪的阿信號稱自己會天眼功,小鳳啞然失笑,阿信忽然看到西山四鬼全都被人所殺。峨嵋四秀趕到現場以為小鳳是兇手,與他大打出手,幸遇峨嵋派師叔獨孤一鶴及時攔住。 峨嵋山接連發生命案,沒有人見過兇手的樣子,眾人懷疑是近期要與峨嵋對戰的西門吹雪。小鳳分析反對眾人所述,並標明自己上峨嵋山之目的,正是要替對自己有教授之恩的掌門慧妙師太找到兇手。

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