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  • Happy Ever After – 金玉滿堂

    Happy Ever After – 金玉滿堂

    Description: Happy Ever After (Traditional Chinese: 金玉滿堂) is a 1999 Hong Kong grand-production television period drama. A TVB production, the drama was produced by Chong Wai-kin, written by Chan Ching-yee and Choi Ting-ting, and stars an ensemble cast. The drama is set during the reignof the Qianlong Emperor of Late Imperial China’s Qing dynasty. The drama tells of a story regarding the struggles of a poor chef and his best friend earning an opportunity to serve the Qianlong Emperor, also […]

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  • Noblesse Oblige – 宦海奇官

    Noblesse Oblige – 宦海奇官

    Description: Nuns-to-be Tavia Yeung and Cilla Kung are desperate to find money to treat the head nun’s illness. By coincidence, they meet the wealthy heir of a bank (Kenneth Ma) and are forced to become maids at his household to repay their debts. Tavia often has to save Kenneth from trouble with her superior martial arts skills. Although they disagree with each other, they still support each other during critical times and unconsciously develop a strong bond. With the help […]

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  • Ghetto Justice – 怒火街頭

    Ghetto Justice – 怒火街頭

    Description: Seven years ago, LAW LIK AH or LA LAW (Kevin Cheng) was the legend in the legal industry and can fight a lawsuit without asking morality or by unfair means. Because he was often in a mix of pursuing fame and condemned conscience, LA LAW eventually became psychologically imbalance and vanished in the legal industry. Seven years later, LA LAW makes a comeback and chooses to use law to protect justice as a way to rescue himself, who previously […]

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  • Officer Geomancer – 八卦神探

    Officer Geomancer – 八卦神探

    Description: 「你的樣子如何,你的命運也必如何。」一句普通的網絡戲言,站在「相學」角度,也許不無道理。我們自小聽長輩說的「相由心生」,壞人真的從面相有跡可循?若從面相已可推測人的好壞,這個世上,我們需要的是警察,還是風水師? 活用天賦 屢破奇案 薛丹仁(李思捷飾),在警隊重案組任職沙展,入職多年屢破奇案,尋找失蹤人口的成功率接近百分之百,稱得上是警界奇葩。面對任何棘手案件,丹仁均能迎刃而解,全賴他得天獨厚的天賦。精通睇相、命理、風水的丹仁,靠着那一閃靈光,就能解破種種謎團! 或許你會問,何以丹仁不當個風水師?早在二十多年前,還是中學生的丹仁,被一戀童癖怪客誘拐,成為失蹤人口,幸得勇探余民威(林偉飾)及時相救,使丹仁逃過死劫,無奈民威卻因此傷重不治,為報一命之恩,讓丹仁立志成為一個警察,延續捨己為人精神!

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  • ICAC Investigators 2009 – 廉政行動 2009

    ICAC Investigators 2009 – 廉政行動 2009

    Description: 本輯分為五個單元故事,即造市、釘子戶、維修大鱷、死亡保險、公私車等等。 造市 馬日明(林保怡)利用妻子上市公司主席林貝琪(田蕊妮),聯同股票分析員黃海(蔡子健)及基金經理何麗雯(楊秀惠)唱好公司業績及托高股價。廉署展開調查,貝琪潛逃離港,但期間得知丈夫與麗雯有私情決定回港,日明怕妻子自首而企圖殺人滅口。廉署總調查主任Annie(宣萱)及高級調查主任Henry(黃浩然)出動追查。 釘子戶 方子荃(郭羨妮)、Zoe(蒙嘉慧)和Rainy(譚小環)是中學時代結識的金蘭姐妹,阿荃的丈夫曾永健(郭政鴻)突然急需現金周轉,Rainy賄賂Zoe在市建局工作的男友李子倫(曹永廉),提早獲得市區重建的資料,

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  • ICAC Investigators 2007 – 廉政行動2007

    ICAC Investigators 2007 – 廉政行動2007

    Description: 肅清污點  打開蔚藍天空 本劇集改編自香港廉政公署之真實貪污個案,由著名導演邱禮濤、林超賢、馬偉豪及章國明分別執導,攝製而成五個案藏懸機,劇情扣人心弦的獨立單元劇集。各集內容包括「鐵窗速遞」(懲教人員受賄案)、「過界」(警務人員行為失當案)、「億萬信用」(銀行信用狀詐騙案)、「空卡」(鐵路跨境貨運貪污案)及「沙丘城堡」(建造工程短樁案)。 Language: Cantonese Country: Hong Kong Times: 5 Episodes Release Date: 2007 Cast: Ron Ng , Ruanzhao Xiang , Michael Miu , Fiona Yuen , Edmond Leung , Power Chan , Sunny Chan , Wai Ying Hung , Raymond Wong , Shirley , Liu Kai Chi , Luole Lin , Danny Lee , Law Ka Ying , Michelle Genre: Police, Crime ICAC Investigators 2007 – 廉政行動2007 – Episode 05 ICAC Investigators 2007 – 廉政行動2007 – Episode 04 ICAC […]

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  • I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令

    I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令

    Description: 一班廉政精英,由巾幗不讓鬚眉的女總調查主任葉幗英(陳法蓉飾)統領,維護社會公義,肅貪倡廉。他們包括有精明能幹、經驗豐富的高級調查主任廉志剛(張兆輝飾);大學剛畢業便加入廉署工作的方卓文(古天樂飾);性格爽朗、率直的簡鳴暉(袁潔瑩飾);孤兒出身的羅家杰(何寶生飾)及思想單純、樂於助人的劉芷珊(張玉珊飾)等。他們各有專長,屢立奇功,偵破多宗案件,包括警務人員包庇公寓進行賣淫活動、地產法展商勾結地產代理進行內幕認購、消防員貪污及不法商人進行軍火買賣等等。 公事上,眾人各擅其職,全力破案,私底下感情亦非常融洽,文與暉因日夕相處而共墮愛河,剛與英則背著眾人展開一段微妙的地下情。杰與珊自學堂已是公認的一對,但杰卻因珊出身豪門而感到自卑,遂強充追求名牌衣著及駕駛豪華跑車,以致經濟拮据。最後,更因一時貪念,違犯職業操守,被廉署革職。自此,便和黑幫中人進行非法勾當,與文等人成為仇敵。 Language: Cantonese Country: Hong Kong Times: 20 Episodes Release Date: 1997 Cast: Monica Fat Yun Chan, Louis Tin Lok Koo, Timmy Po Sun Ho, Fennie Kit Ying Yuen, Shirley Yuk Shan Chung, Eddie Siu Fai Cheung Genres: Police  I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令 – Episode 20 I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令 – Episode 19 I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令 – Episode 18 I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令 – Episode 17 I Can’t Accept Corruption – 廉政追緝令 – Episode 16 I […]

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  • Romantic Repertoire – 水髮胭脂

    Romantic Repertoire – 水髮胭脂

    Description: Interior Designer Moon Sing-hong (Moses Chan) purchases a flat in anticipation of marrying his longtime girlfriend who is expected to be returning home soon after studying abroad. Without his knowledge or permission his older sister rents out his flat to popular Cantonese opera singer Kan Kit (Joyce Koi). Unable to break the rental lease, Sing-hong uses all kinds of tactics to try to make Kan Kit move out but her manager Lin Sau-fong (Louise Lee) helps her stand firm. When […]

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  • Ghost of Relativity – 鬼同你OT

    Ghost of Relativity – 鬼同你OT

    Description: Keung Yung (Nancy Wu) has had a crush on her co-worker (Moses Chan) for over ten years, but she is too afraid to confess her feelings. One night while talking on the phone with her other co-worker Shun Suk-Mui (Kristal Tin), Yung is electrocuted to death because of her bootlegged phone. Regretful of not being able to fulfill her romantic wishes in life, she uses Suk-Mui, who is the only person that can see her due to their final […]

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  • The Fixer – 拆局專家

    The Fixer – 拆局專家

    Description: When the cops, the lawyers, or the triads come across problems they can’t fix, they will call upon a team of misfits—“the fixers”—an underground band of experts who work together to solve unsolvable cases. This team is led by the crafty Szeto Sam Ping (Chin Ka Lok 錢嘉樂), and together with legal consultant Lui Lui (Mandy Wong 黃智雯), talented hacker Mak Ping On (Tracy Chu 朱千雪), flirty thief Chan Dai Man (Timmy Hung 洪天明), and former government official Bak […]

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  • Angel In-the-Making – 實習天使

    Angel In-the-Making – 實習天使

    Description: A batch of fresh nursing school graduates are assigned to complete an internship at a hospital. Among the group, Kei Lok (Eliza Sam), Tang Lai Ching (Moon Lau), and Yu Yuet Ngoi (Jinny Ng) are assigned to what is known as the “hell ward”, managed by registered nurse Yeung Chi Ming (Tony Hung). Chi Ming, also known as “Death Ray”, is famous in the hospital for his strange personality and mysterious background. In charge of training the interns assigned […]

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  • Armed Reaction II – 陀槍師姐 II

    Armed Reaction II – 陀槍師姐 II

    Description: The story takes place a few years from the first series. Chu So Ngo (Esther Kwan) has been promoted to sergeant rank in the police but she encounters professional setbacks due to her new responsibilities. She depending on fellow cop Chan Siu Sang (Bobby Au-Yeung) who is now her boyfriend for support and a secure future,and hopes for him to get promoted soon. The two have plans for getting married. The added pressure of waiting for an promotion and So […]

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  • Armed Reaction – 陀槍師姐

    Armed Reaction – 陀槍師姐

    Description: The drama takes place before 1997 Handover of Hong Kong and Royal Hong Kong Police revolves around the lives of two police woman, one who works leisurely behind desk duty but has to take her job more seriously once her husband leaves her and new rookie cop who is deemed to ambitious and rash by her superior. Chu So-Ngo (Esther Kwan) never took her job seriously. She works leisurely behind the desk at the police station waiting for the day […]

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  • The Master Of Tai Chi – 太極

    The Master Of Tai Chi – 太極

    Description: Orphaned as a child, Mo Ma (Vincent Zhao) grew up in the country and started learning Tai Chi from his mentor at a very young age. The devastating experience of being abandoned by his mother and eventually his mentor as well has left him twisted and full of hatred. After a series of events that leads to his house being burnt down in the village, his best friend Mai Fung-Nin (Kenneth Ma) and him joins the army. After yet another […]

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  • Gods of Honour – 封神榜

    Gods of Honour – 封神榜

    Description: Since time immemorial, the history of China has seen many belligerent and licentious tyrants. King Zhou was one of the most notorious tyrant. His tyranny triggered off an epic legend: King Wu overthrowing Zhou. In the fierce battle between good and evil, ancient China was gripped by paroxysms of rage and grief. Countless loyal and valiant warriors were sacrificed. Taking pity on the aggrieved mortals, the Celestial Realm laid the Rostrum of Gods of Honour. The story tells a great […]

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