• Speed Of Life – 鐵馬戰車

    Speed Of Life – 鐵馬戰車

    Description: Hong Kong traffic E&C inspector To Cheuk-fung (Kenny Wong) is dedicated to his mission. He and his subordinates often go undercover so they can easily prosecute those who speed, drunk drive, and hold illegal licenses. Cheuk-fung is an extremely cold person, serious in speech and manner, but he is strangelyclose friends with the boisterous Sze Ma (Benjamin Yuen) of the investigation team. The duo are left speechless when they meet the rookie cop Bui Sam-yau (Sisley Choi), who they […]

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  • Love as a Predatory Affair – 愛情食物鏈

    Love as a Predatory Affair – 愛情食物鏈

    Description: They say love is like a food chain. Having beauty and wealth is exactly like being on top of the hill—they are the most desirable, the most suitable, and the most likely to find alife partner. But should love be defined by materialism and physical appearances? Lo Kwai-fong (Kitty Yuen) is an average, short, thirty-something year-old food supplier agent who is completely inexperienced when it comes to love. But after helping the young restauranteur Lau Pak-yip (Jason Chan) and […]

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  • The Executioner – 刀下留人

    The Executioner – 刀下留人

    Description: Executioner Yip Sheung-luk (Kenny Wong 黃德斌) has shed blood too many times to count. To protect his savior’s pregnant daughter-in-law Yuen So-sam (Elaine Yiu 姚子羚) from danger, Sheung-luk sends So-sam to the capital, where she is to stay with renowned midwife Fa Yui-hung (Maggie Shiu 邵美琪. A series of strange murders soon take place, and Sheung-luk saves a little life with his blade. But this baby boy of unknown origin gets Sheung-luk and Yui-hung in trouble with the imperial […]

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  • A Time of Love – 愛情來的時候

    A Time of Love – 愛情來的時候

    Overview: In celebration for this year’s Lunar New Year holidays and Valentine’s Day, TVB will premiere a series of four mini-television movies at the end of the month   “A Time of Love” – Malaysia The first of the four mini-films, the film’s Malaysian segment stars Taiwanese actors Chris Wang (宥勝), James Wen (温昇豪), and Hong Kong actress Kate Tsui (徐子珊). Set in Malaysia, the movie begins with Ling Shan (Kate Tsui) suffering from amnesia after going through a vicious car accident. Though she forgets her family […]

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  • Safe Guards – 鐵血保鏢

    Safe Guards – 鐵血保鏢

    Description: The story revolves around the Wui Yau Safeguard Agency (會友鏢局), which is the most prominent safeguard and escort agency in Hangzhou. However, the agency was discovered to be close to bankruptcy, due to financial mismanagement. Together with his four sons, the patriarch of the family, Sheung Ching-Tong (Samuel Kwok) must, along with other allies and confidantes, rebuild the agency and save it from near certain death. The series consists of 25 episodes and centers around the character – Sheung Chi […]

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  • Come Home Love – 愛.回家 (931++)

    Come Home Love – 愛.回家 (931++)

    Description: MA FU (Lau Dan), a retired employee of the HK Correctional Services Department, moved back to live with his son after retirement. MA FU treats and disciplines everyone in his family as if they were the offenders he works with in his job. His youngest son MA CHONG (Chris Lai) feels like he’s in jail when he gets home, and his father is even often involved with his job as a paralegal. The father and son get into disputes […]

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  • Wu Xin: The Monster Killer (Cantonese) – 無心法師

    Wu Xin: The Monster Killer (Cantonese) – 無心法師

    Description: After a long slumber Wu Xin (Elvis Han) wakes up during China’s new Republic era. He is a wandering immortal who lives a hungry and penniless life. He has no recollection of how long he has lived or how he came to be, but he has powers where he can sense the presence and communicate with spirits good and evil that still roam the living world. He pretends to be a monk to make a living. During his latest slumber […]

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  • Simply Ordinary – 林世榮

    Simply Ordinary – 林世榮

    Description: Lam Sai-wing (Gordon Lam) was an honest butcher who had great butchering skills. He was very popular among his fellow villagers and was later nominated as the village headman. Wing met Mary (Jay Lau), who came back from abroad, and wanted to pursue her. However, Mary actually wanted to use Wing to help her father to smuggle national treasures to abroad. Wing’s cousin Tai (Kenix Kwok) knew about this fraud and warned him. Wing could not tell between truths […]

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  • Angel In-the-Making – 實習天使

    Angel In-the-Making – 實習天使

    Description: A batch of fresh nursing school graduates are assigned to complete an internship at a hospital. Among the group, Kei Lok (Eliza Sam), Tang Lai Ching (Moon Lau), and Yu Yuet Ngoi (Jinny Ng) are assigned to what is known as the “hell ward”, managed by registered nurse Yeung Chi Ming (Tony Hung). Chi Ming, also known as “Death Ray”, is famous in the hospital for his strange personality and mysterious background. In charge of training the interns assigned […]

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  • Let It Be Love – 4 In Love

    Let It Be Love – 4 In Love

    Description: What are the fundamentals of two people falling in love? Their social status? Whether people around them think they are compatible? The time when they met each other? Or their sexual desires? In order to get rid of the incessant rumors, international celebrity Tong Oi Yiu (Charmaine Sheh) used her loyal fan Yu Zhen Dong (Moses Chan) to create a sociable image to the public. As they spent more time with each other, Yiu experienced what love actually is. […]

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  • A Matter Of Business – 千里姻緣兜錯圈

    A Matter Of Business – 千里姻緣兜錯圈

    Description: 黃玉芬生於小康之家,父母早逝,與家姐黃玉琴,弟黃玉得,姑婆黃麗娜相依為命,一家四口,全仗父親遺下祖業,位於西環舊樓的「昌記」雜貨鋪為生。芬預科畢業後,家人對芬期望甚高,認為以芬資質條件,必有作為,鼓勵芬殺出西環,投身中環白領行業。芬雖對事業野心不大,但眼見雜貨鋪生意日差,終日沉迷風水術數的得又無作為,故努力進修商科課程,尋覓工作。芬有好友戴莉安,情同姐妹,安有黏筋毛病,常受歧視,芬有正義感,常為安抱不平。安將薪水大部份花在打扮之上,認為女人價值在於男友的質素,越富有越有地位便是好男人!芬卻另有觀感,深信人間有真情,真愛不在乎對方外在條件。琴因曾遭感情騙子騙去

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  • War and Beauty – 金枝慾孽

    War and Beauty – 金枝慾孽

    Description: Fifteen years after Qing Emperor Jiaqing was crowned, the country appears to be in harmony. However, fights between the imperial concubines escalate. Beauty never lasts. All the imperial concubines, including the emperor’s beloved Yu Fei (Sheren Tang), understand this and become nervous when the triennial imperial concubine election approaches. Yu Fei’s position is threatened by an imperial descendant Yuk Ying (Gigi Lai), a powerful eunuch’s adopted daughter Yee Shun (Charmaine Sheh) and an experienced imperial servant maid On Sin […]

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