• Nirvana in Fire (Cantonese) – 琅琊榜

    Nirvana in Fire (Cantonese) – 琅琊榜

    Description: During the great unrest of 4th-century China, war breaks out between the feudal Northern Wei and Southern Liang dynasties. General Lin Xie of Liang takes his only 17-year-old son, Lin Shu (Hu Ge), into battle and successfully fights off the hostile Wei army. But when a political rival frames General Lin Xie, it causes the deaths of 70,000 Chiyan army soldiers. Lin Shu is able to escape with his life with the help of a loyal subordinate. Twelve years […]

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  • My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan – 火線下的江湖大佬

    My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan – 火線下的江湖大佬

    Description: 江湖是甚麼地方?有恩情、有仇怨、有結義、有背叛,滿是刀光劍影。如何得知誰會助你一把,或在背後刺你一刀?只有退隱江湖,回歸家庭,才能享受最真摰的溫暖與安心。 兄弟情誼不敵愛情 弟奪兄嫂退隱江湖 何其爽(鄭則士飾)是舊區街坊飯店老闆,憑藉精湛廚藝和「招牌」美食「豆腐火腩飯」

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  • ICAC Investigators 2016 – 廉政行動2016

    ICAC Investigators 2016 – 廉政行動2016

    Description: ICAC Investigators is a long running family of Hong Kong television miniseries about the work of Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). The series are public awareness films produced by Radio Television Hong Kong, an independent department of the government, with the full co-operation of the ICAC itself. Each series dramatises real cases of the Commission and serves both to educate the populace against corrupt practises and as a public relations tool for the ICAC. Language: Cantonese Production […]

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  • Blue Veins – 殭

    Blue Veins – 殭

    Description: 五百年前,曾經出現過一場驚心動魂的人殭大戰,一眾明朝錦衣衛力戰不明來歷、殺人如麻的殭屍。其時戰況何其激烈,外人不得而知,但重要的是,當年多位奮不顧身的宮中高手,竟然活到現在…… 不死人 遇上下不了殺手的殭屍 五百多歲的不死人刑活著(鄭嘉穎飾),一直以捕殺殭屍為己任,而多年來踏遍天涯海角,只為追殺殭屍凌風(陳山聰飾)。他跟隨可靠消息來到香港,接收了深宵食堂「夜吾夜」,一邊享受與食客風花雪月的日子,一邊靜待凌風的出現。另一方面,活著又受好友金堅(秦煌飾)臨終所託,接收何年(黃又南飾)、何月(陳嘉寶飾)、簡霆斯(陸永飾)做徒弟,

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  • Come Home Love: Dinner at Eight – 愛.回家之八時入席

    Come Home Love: Dinner at Eight – 愛.回家之八時入席

    Description: 一間伏虎藏龍的電視台 帶出兩個雖不完整但充滿愛的家庭 發展出三段矛盾又互相扶持的關係… 能幹秘書遇上火爆監製

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  • The Last Healer In Forbidden City – 末代御醫

    The Last Healer In Forbidden City – 末代御醫

    Description: During the late reign of the Qing dynasty skilled physician To Chung (Roger Kwok) is named the new Imperial Palace Physician when he successfully heals Empress Dowager Chee-hei (Helena Law) from her illness. To Chung eventually grows close to the Gwong-seoi Emperor (Pierre Ngo) who is under house arrest at the Forbidden City and striped of his powers after angering Dowager Chee-hei due to losing the First Sino-Japanese War and rebelling against her authority. To Chung also heals Gwong-seoi Emperor […]

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  • Over Run Over – EU超時任務

    Over Run Over – EU超時任務

    Description: While on patrol duty, EU sergeant Ling San-fung and her team are called to assist a criminal chase. A gun battle erupts and San-fung loses her father, who dies from a stray bullet to the head. San-fung continues the pursuit, but a strange natural phenomena suddenly turns her away, taking her back to April 1st—three days prior to the incident. Realising that she has developed the power to time-travel, she uses her new ability to save her father’s life. Unfortunately, […]

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  • Gilded Chopsticks – 食為奴

    Gilded Chopsticks – 食為奴

    Description: Ever since his childhood, KO TIN-PO (Wong Cho Lam) has tasted a variety of great delicacies, and he is capable of analyzing the food quality and authenticity once he tastes it. But, owing to the decline of his family, he ends up wandering on the street with his servant LEE WAI (Jack Wu), making a living from selling buns.  Also due to his gourmet background, he gets to know a street performer KEI MO-SUET (Joey Meng), the most beautiful girl […]

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  • Fashion War – 潮流教主

    Fashion War – 潮流教主

    Description: “Trendsetter” Yip Long (Moses Chan), the powerful chief editor of MODES fashion magazine, is constantly at war. MODES’ publisher and top executive, Man (Hanjin Tan), is a scheming yes-man, always hiding a knife behind his fake smile. To restrict Long’spower and authority within the company, he appoints the former model Vincy (Ali Lee) as the director of the advertising department. Long is not unfamiliar with office politics and welcomes Man’s challenge. However, a careless mistake on his part gets […]

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  • Gloves Come Off – 拳王

    Gloves Come Off – 拳王

    Description: TONG SAP YAT (Kevin Cheng) is a fascinating Muy Thai boxer. He and his senior KO WAI TING (Kenny Wong) trained boxing far out in Thailand. Because of his moment of greed, he went down the Black Fist path and made a mistake that would make him suffer for life. After his return to Hong Kong, he was determined to forget the past and withdraw from the boxing scene. He works as a security personnel at a sporting goods company […]

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  • K9 Cop – 警犬巴打

    K9 Cop – 警犬巴打

    Description: 世上沒有兩個人,生下來便注定成為朋友、戀人……唯有經過溝通、接納、磨合,方能成為真正的知己、無所不談的家人、廝守到老的夫妻。只要願意敞開心扉,性格南轅北轍的人,同樣可以是你的好「巴打」、好「絲打」;人與動物的關係亦然! 溝通 – 火爆警察 Vs 警犬巴打 黎溢湫(黃宗澤飾),年幼時因父親染上毒癮,導致家破人亡,與三位妹妹相依為命。溢湫嫉惡如仇,黑白分明,決志成為警察保護弱小。溢湫本隸屬觀塘分區警署,後被調往受訓做領犬員,而所分派得到的準警犬──「巴打」,

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  • Short End of the Stick – 公公出宮

    Short End of the Stick – 公公出宮

    Description: 辛亥革命後,清朝被推翻,一班「亡國」太監被遣散出宮,一直身為奴才的公公如何運用在紫禁城學到的生存技倆重過新生活、重新得到尊嚴、自由與自我價值,以「人」的身份開創一片新天地?離開了波譎雲詭的紫禁城,重返民間,生活從此就變得簡單、安穩? 被逼回復自由 看盡世人冷眼 民國政府成立後,清遜帝溥儀及一眾皇室成員雖獲允許繼續住在紫禁城,惟建褔宮一場大火,令溥儀備受驚嚇,下令解散太監!自小以紫禁城為家的三名太監李肅恭(黎耀祥飾)、丹田(陳國邦飾)、陳小鳳(曹永廉飾),

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